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The new cover for "Dr. Zimm's" was created by
MKT Creative Designs, in Denver.
These guys are brilliant, and you wouldn't believe the deal they gave me on this cover. If you need a cover artist, I recomend them highly.

Thanks to everyone who, with their crit and support, helped me shape "StarFire," which went to Amazon Kindle in November, and is selling very well indeed. For any of you who are thinking the real benifit of working here at Authonomy happens when you get to the editor's desk, let me correct you. "StarFire" was the second book I got very positive suggestions on here, and both books were vastly improved by the crit offered by members. Use this site (cautiously!) to help shape your work, and you will sell more books, whether Harper Collins ever looks at it or not.

Please keep in mind before you message me for a read, my crits are not designed to make you feel good or encourage you. If you ask for a crit (or if I just get interested in your work, and do one without you asking) it will be my suggestions to improve the work. Maybe they won't be helpful to you, or maybe it will hurt your feelings... but it will be my best effort to tell you what strikes me as areas that could be improved to increase the marketability of the story (not that I won't tell you what's good or what I like, also, but really, what sometimes improves work is pointing out flaws, not pats on the back, right?) I know "STARFIRE" got MUCH better due to the input of folks here, and it was the crit that helped, not the flattery. My concern, frankly, is with selling books, not "art" or literary gymnastics.

Since all messages sent through this site are public, if you have something to say to me that you prefer to say privately, I can be reached at MikeLeeStories@gmail.com

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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 8 days ago

Mike, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full ....

KirkH wrote 17 days ago

Hi Mike, Feel free to read and critique either of my latest two stor....

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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

NiteMartini wrote 28 days ago

“OUR Lord will bring forth a son into this world who will rule all of....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 31 days ago

Mike, How are you these days? My book "The North Korean" is now avai....

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I wrote 26 days ago

OK, so, you spammed me into reading this. You might regret that. I'm not a guy who pats you on the back and says, "Really good effort here! Good luck with your manuscript!" I'm a guy who figures when you ask for crit, you ought to get crit. Maybe I'm wrong in my comments, but they don't cost you any... view book

I wrote 243 days ago

Sam, This is an interesting piece. The idiosyncratic presentation will make it one of those love-it-or-hate-it stories (which is actually a good thing; they sell better than anything that's middling on the scales.) It's very difficult for me to offer comments, because it's outside of my preferre... view book

I wrote 257 days ago

Jack, This is very interesting work, for a couple of reasons. Before I go on, I should tell you, my habit is to critique, more than to encourage. That is to say, no matter how much we like something, the improvement is done in pointing out the weaknesses, not in patting the author on the back. To ... view book

I wrote 278 days ago

J.K.-- Sorry for the very long delay. I only found your response a few days ago, and wanted to re-read, as you requested, before commenting again (as rule, I don't look much at other comments on someone else's novel; if you leave a response in-line, it's probably good practice to mention it in th... view book

I wrote 334 days ago

I came across a review you had left for someone else, and I was impressed with the effort you seem to put into doing constructive crit. Good for you. We need more of that around here. Your observations were enough to make me curious to see what you are producing, and I wasn't disappointed. You are p... view book

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