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about me

I came to live in England at the age of seventeen, leaving family and friends behind in Sweden, to be with my boyfriend. We married, had children and later divorced.
My three children are now grown up, and I have one grandson.
After many years of bringing the children up as a single mother, I am now happily settled with my partner.

My memoir ‘Letting Go, a true story’ is a real lesson in love, life, and personal growth.


“In Letting Go, Agneta Mills takes her readers on a very thrilling emotional trip. It's a mixture of sadness and joy moments that capture readers' vivid imaginations while, at the same time, giving them the benefit of savoring the beauty of Stockholm. The writing is fascinating and the story is educative. This book is backed!”
Femi Olawole

Agents, publishers, and other interested parties can contact me at the following email address: agnetamills@yahoo.com



Buy a signed copy from my website at http://www.agneta-mills.com

Regarding comments, backings and swap-reads:

I will only comment if there is something useful or constructive I feel able to add.

If it is a book I would buy in a shop, or pick out at a library, for myself or someone else, I will back it.

I am happy to do arranged swap-reads.

favourite books

I love reading memoirs and true stories, my favorite author at the moment is Torey Hayden

my websites

http://www.agneta-mills.com     http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0955652707/ref=

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Letting Go, a true story

Agneta Mills

Romantic, emotional, with adventure and trauma, you are taken on an eventful journey to the beautiful city of Stockholm.

Agneta's story is a real lesson in life, love, travel and personal growth. Very effective in learning how to let go and move forward!

She moved from Sweden to England in 1972, to be with her boyfriend. They married, had children and she settled into the culture.

Many years later, and now on her own with the children, she eventually meets up with a group of ex-pats.

An uncertain love story commences at this vulnerable point in her life. She focuses on an already planned trip to Sweden.

Sailing on ‘Princess of Scandinavia’, was almost the best part of a journey home. Agneta and teenage son, Tom, spend three weeks visiting family and friends.

Drama starts on the very first morning; she has left their medical cover behind!

Stockholm is alive with performing arts and music, as it hosts a ten-day long ‘Water Festival,’ celebrating the ecology and waterways in and around the city.

A visible solar eclipse also adds an awesome input.

Then we are back in England, and how will the confusing relationship unravel?


I can't believe this is not fiction. It's compulsive. It's sad. It's happy. It flows.
Richard P-S


Moving On, a memoir

Agneta Mills

Agneta embarks on a journey in life, as she becomes close to Ray. Distant friends to lovers, they triumph over serious illness and emotional trauma.

Agneta has lived in Exeter, UK since 1972.

Now on holiday in Sweden, her home country, they become worried as Agneta’s leg seizes up on a walk. After a short rest it returns to normal.

Stockholm is a beautiful city and Agneta proudly takes Ray to her favourite places, as they visit family and friends.

Returning to Exeter, her walking begins to deteriorate again. Eventually she is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Ten years later and suddenly out of the blue, she has a massive fall out with her mum.

This shocks her to the core.

Now she has to face her past honestly. To do this Agneta concentrates on her second memoir, ‘Moving On.’

Agneta challenges her MS with the help of Ray, her children Jasper, Rebecca and Tom, also of course grandson Fenn.

They fund raise in the hope of receiving stem cell treatment for Agneta. The company was busted for fraud.

Her most successful treatment so far, has been the use of the drug LDN.

The family, with wheelchair, mobility scooter etc. often travel together. Mainly to Sweden, but also Spain and other countries.

Life goes on.

Sequel to 'Letting Go, a true story'


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Read 9 chapters; easy, funny and addictive reading! view book

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Hi Barb, I have dipped into your book. Interesting, but to me dry and too detailed. I agree with Mooderino's points. Best of luck with it. view book

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David, Thank you so much for your kind comment and rating! undo redo is difficult for me to comment on, except I like the poetic style, also the very imaginative and interesting writing. All the best of luck. 5 stars to you too! Agneta view book

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MY HARPER TRUE REVIEW (1 Feb 10): Dear Agneta Congratulations on reaching the HarperTrue Top Ten reads last month and apologies for the delay in responding to your manuscript - many thanks for your patience. Letting Go is a beautifully written and, in many places, poetic story. I like the f... view book

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