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For any agents or publishers that may want to contact me, my email address is: MikeThomas2525@gmail.com

"Rimmer: After intensive investigation comma of the markings on the alien pod comma it has become clear comma that we are dealing comma with a species of awesome intellect colon.
Holly: Good! Perhaps they might be able to give you a hand with your punctuation."

Hi, I'm Mike, a 42 year old special needs teacher from Staffordshire. I'm a big fan of music (as long as it's not programmed in a computer) and have played in many groups from orchestras to concert bands, swing bands, show bands and heavy rock bands. I love hard rock but my tastes vary greatly and regulary enjoy a bit of Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald etc.

The book I have written for children, now called "Blitzen Goes Bananas" is around 15000 words and obviously has a Christmas theme. I see it as a "read it yourself" or "read it to someone" book. I've had to change the name unfortunately due to copywrite problems (it used to be Rudolf Goes Bananas)).
I'd love some feedback, stars, backing etc. on it if anyone has read it. I've made a few changes on this story, taking in useful advice I've had on here, but any more would be appreciated.
If you like the cover, it was painted by Julie Askey, who now has a presence on this site: http://www.authonomy.com/writing-community/profile/0f11c29b-0b2c-408b-bd91-dd8e212830d5/bejewelled/

I've just uploaded the first part of my new book called "Way Back To Devil's Mountain" which I began writing .....too many years ago, though family life had put that one on hold for a while. I'm still redrafting the rest of it (I think in total it's about 55,000 words but don't hold me to that!) and will be posting some more on here to get views from more established and experienced writers.
Again, any comments, stars and backing would be very gratefully received.

favourite books

Most books by Tom Sharpe
Hobbit / LOTR - Tolkien
Red Dwarf (all of them) - Grant Naylor
Some Terry Pratchet Disc World stuff
I used to read my dad's war books a lot - Alistair MacClean etc
Being a bloke, I tend to look at "How to..." books eg "Macbook for Dummies", and also stupid books like "Mock The Week"

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my books

Way Back To Devil's Mountain

Mike Thomas

Two brothers are magically transported back in time onto a pirate ship, where they go in search of the lost treasure of Six-fingered Jack.

Two brothers find themselves magically transported back in time onto a pirate ship. Welcomed on board by the small, inept crew, they all go in search of the mysterious island, Devil's Mountain. Rumoured to be the resting place of the pirate treasure gathered by the infamous captain, Six-fingered Jack, the mountain won't give up it's treasures easily. Little do the new companions know, there are others still searching for the same glittering prize and time might just be running out.


Blitzen Goes Bananas

Mike Thomas

Santa has gone high tech, Blitzen has gone strange, the other reindeer have left and things have gone wrong in a great new Christmas story.

It’s all change at Santa’s workshop in the North Pole.
All the reindeer have left to do their own thing around the world. Only Blitzen remains to steer Santa’s new high tech sleigh – that’s when he’s not bungee jumping or doing any of the other extreme sports he now loves.
Santa has been forced to upgrade his sleigh to keep up with all the extra Christmas presents he needs to deliver. It now has so many new gadgets he needs even more help from his clever elf friends.
However, one year Blitzen returns from his holiday like a different reindeer. He now loves bananas and spends all his time eating them and acting strangely. This makes poor Mrs Claus very worried about Santa and the sleigh.
Things quickly start to go wrong on Christmas Eve after the new sleigh takes-off, making all the elves at the North Pole even busier than usual. Little do they know this disaster was no accident, and everyone must help to save Christmas.

This has been renamed and updated (from Rudolf)


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I wrote 456 days ago

Just read the first part of your book and found your descriptions of William so intriguing. Just goes to show that you don't have to be religious to be a good person. I know that you've listed this as a Christian book, but I feel that the slant you put on the scenario would put a lot of people off ... view book

I wrote 536 days ago

Just had a read of the first few chapters and have been making notes as I go for ideas and typos. I hope you don't mind - trying to be helpful, not criticising. Right at the beginning - "...domestic errands LIKE dropping off a library book..." It suggests to me that that wasn't one of the errands. ... view book

I wrote 552 days ago

Just been reading some of your work and found it a very pleasant read. I've read the first 3 chapters and found a few little things I thought you'd want to know about. Some of these points are obviously from my opinion only so please ignore me if you wish! :) Near the end of chapter 1 you put "Tho... view book

I wrote 553 days ago

CHIRG First of all, I don't think it's children's - I think YA is the right genre. Especially with the sex ed talk etc. (My opinion) You kept me reading and reading! I found your imagination wonderful and you have created a fantastic idea and plot. There are so many uncertainties in your story rel... view book

I wrote 553 days ago

I just read chapter one, and even though I'm not the biggest fan of stories in the first person, I really enjoyed it. You have built up an air of mystery and uncertainty as to what the character has done or what has happened to him. I was going to read on, but I can't seem to get the second chapter... view book

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