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Many thanks to all of you that have backed my book, and left your kind comments.
Please forgive me if I take a little time in reading and backing your book, but I will get there.

Bitter Honey is the prequel to my other book on this site, "Love in No-Man's Land' which tells the story of fobidden love, set in a world of racial prejudice and conflict.

Bitter Honey tells the story of three generations of family, each tied together with secrets and lies from the past that carry them through every emotion and conflict that a human being can experience.

I hope you will take the time to read this book- it will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

Warm regards to you all, and wishing you the very best in getting published.

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Bitter Honey


A book full of raw emotion that will touch your heart forever.
Secrets, lies, pain and hope, spanning 3 generations.

Can the sins of our fathers ever be laid to rest, or will future generations carry within them the ripple effects of past sins?
Dark secrets can never lay hidden forever. Secrets and lies have a way of coming to light no matter how hard they are buried.

Kara Kiz’s courage helps to save her mother from terrible abuse, as she too tries to save herself from being abused by the wicked Taksim.
Manolya is devatasted when she finds out the real truth about her birth, and the impact it has on her life has tragic repercussions.

Come meet three generations of family as they battle through life, and follow their journey with them as they express courage, love and determination to overcome life's many challenges.


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tone099 wrote 136 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Nick Goulding wrote 142 days ago

Hi Manolya, Good to connect with you again. Thank you so much for p....

L.M.Bell wrote 144 days ago

Thank M for backing The Project , it's really appreciated!

Laurence Howard wrote 577 days ago

Thank you so much for backing The Cross of Goa. All the very best f....

Cherry G. wrote 579 days ago

Many thanks for backing my book, Manolya. Your support is much apprec....

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I wrote 1478 days ago

Dear Avraham, I simply adore you book and would glady purchase it, which should tell you how much I like it. I hope it isn't too long before it gets published and is available in stores. Books like yours are really interesting to a wide audience of readers. Backed with pleasure! Manolya... view book

I wrote 1480 days ago

My goodness Giulietta, what a beautiful setting and theme for a book! I love it, it is so different to to many books on here, and refreshing to come across something so unique. I like your writing style too:) Backed with pleasure and all the very best with you book. Love Manolya- Bitter Honey &... view book

I wrote 1481 days ago

Katherine you set the scene so well and take your reader to a place that many may hae not been to or experienced. Swans are so serene and regal, and I like the way you write about them-backed! Warm regards, Manolya- Bitter Honey & Love in No-Man's Land xx view book

I wrote 1483 days ago

Dearest Sarah, your heartwrenching pitch immediately drew me in and I couldn't stop reading your heartbreaking story. I really feel for you and your sister. It is so awful how some people are quite evil that they can hurt children so much. I pray and hope that life is so better for you and y... view book

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