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I'm Kori, or Kordelia (right), depending on if I'm in trouble or not. I'm married to a wonderful lady (left) and we have three pit bull mixes who complete our little family.

Multiple Disorder is my first novel. This is not the final draft. Heck, depending on the week, it may not even be the most updated draft, though I do try to keep them as updated as I can. Only 17 chapters are up as of now, but who knows. That might change in the future.

READ SWAPS: I love them. I don't mind them in the least. If I owe you a read swap and I haven't gotten to it within a week of our agreement, please let me know. I keep a list of ones I have to do, but sometimes, I forget to update it.

BACKINGS: If I have said I will back your work, I promise I will. I tend to leave novels up for a while, and I do have a list of people who I've promised backing. If I don't back your work in the amount of time you feel I should, I apologize. I will get to it. : )

Contact info: koribates2010@hotmail.com

favourite books

Blood and Gold
Thought I Knew You
Anything Emily Dickinson
Twilight series
The Hunger Games
The Notebook
Raisin in the Sun
The Great Gatsby
The Ryan White Story
etc. etc.

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Multiple Disorder

Kori Bates

I was to become a puppet master of sorts; in the shadows, the darkness—scheming and plotting until my heart was content. Until his wasn’t.

Kate Daniels is holding on to her sanity by a thread. She has dissociative identity disorder and there are seven personalities aside from her own who are fighting to gain control. The medication helps, but it won't keep Them at bay for long. She's slowly slipping out of our world and into Theirs. Soon, she won't be able to fight Them, but she must find out the truth about her sister's murder before she lets Their darkness take over.

Dean Williams is a man caught in the middle of a psychotic game he doesn't even know exists. He is a simple man. A man with no great wealth or material possessions, but what he does have is priceless - and he doesn't even know it. When their lives intertwine, will he realize it before it's too late?


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Jon Nolan wrote 28 days ago

Thank you so much for your continued support of GUIDESTAR. My life....

tone099 wrote 57 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Lauren Grey wrote 81 days ago

Great news. You've been working hard, guess what I'll be reading toni....

Robyn Quaker wrote 82 days ago

Hi Kori, I keep intending to read your book as multiple disorder int....

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Have you posted the changes? Will put you back on my WL then, good lu....

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I wrote 165 days ago

Prologue: The prologue draws you in and keeps you. It’s fascinating and sad all at the same time. It’s introspective and very honest. It’s a good start and enough to keep me reading on. Chapter One: ‘..backpack of carnage and a wallet of self-destruction..’ I love that line, though it does ... view book

I wrote 174 days ago

Prologue: I absolutely love the prologue. The urgency of getting back to the house, the emotions running through them all, the birth of a son and the mother giving up her own life for his. The sadness in Kelvin as he has to give his son away. It’s all very realistic and complete fantasy at the sa... view book

I wrote 174 days ago

Chapter One There should be a period after energetic or instead of a period, put ‘and.’ I’m not going to really comment on grammar or punctuation. I’ll just go by the story line. I like that you’ve written in the nervousness of starting a new job. It’s important to get a good sense of a charac... view book

I wrote 174 days ago

I like A Soul’s Whisper. It’s short and sweet and to the point. It gives mystery, sorrow, and finality that’s hard to twist into one piece of work. :) The Fallen is wonderful, as well. I can’t find anything wrong with it. :D In the first paragraph of The Soul Catcher, ‘The’ should be capitaliz... view book

I wrote 197 days ago

Prologue: The disclaimer you have before we even get to the prologue is enough to put a reader off of the whole thing—and I don’t think that’s what you want. Also, from the first sentence.. it’s too wordy and too descriptive. It doesn’t flow very well at all. As it goes on.. it does get bette... view book

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