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Thank you to everyone who helped Discoredia reach the Ed's desk for Halloween 2012.

The feedback I received here on Authonomy was undoubtedly instrumental in not only improving my work, and helping it reach the desk, but also in making it good enough to secure a publishing contract with Books of the Dead Press.

Discoredia was released in September 2013 and can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and IBooks.

Thanks to Bradley Wind for the cover used here on Authonomy.

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A big fan of Stephen King, James Herbert, and Clive Barker, all of whom have had an influence over my own writing.

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I wrote 413 days ago

Hi Aoife, Awkward one this as after reading chapter one and checking out your comments I haven't really got anything to add. It's also fair to say that our styles are so different any suggestions I may have would likely be redundant, as they would probably jar with your own approach. Having said... view book

I wrote 418 days ago

Hi Isabel, Although this doesn't fit my normal choice of reading matter I found it quite engaging and an easy read. I think the tone works well and I'm pleased that you've avoided a lot of the cliches often found in the YA stories I've looked at on here (no dysfunctional family, no school bully).... view book

I wrote 454 days ago

The topic isn't really something that grabs me as a reader so I have to admit that I ended up skimming through parts. The biggest thing that I suggest you look at would be your use of the past and present tense. I'm no expert but this seemed a little off to me in places. An example would be "Angi... view book

I wrote 460 days ago

Hi Hannah, I'm finally starting to catch up with some owed reads and just read through your first three chapters. It isn't my usual thing but I did find it quite enjoyable as an easy read with an interesting main character. I'm also pleased that after three chapters there's been no mention of ... view book

I wrote 516 days ago

Hi there, dropping in on a random chapter as promised. So, chapter 23. Seemed quite short but it was effective and even without the full knowledge of what went before I got the main thrust if the story. Crit wise; when talking about her hair you've got main not mane but that's the only typo I not... view book

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