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My thanks to all who supported A Lark Ascending and, in 2011, Walk to Paradise Garden. Whether it was through backing, commenting or even the bumping of forum threads, I am grateful.

In A Lark Ascending, thirteen-year-old Malcolm Roberts confronts mystery and adventure in London's East End after the Great War. This novel is at present about 84,000 words.

My third novel, Nimrod's End, will also feature Malcolm Roberts.

favourite books

Some Danger Involved by Will Thomas
The Face of a Stranger by Anne Perry
A Foreign Affair by Caro Peacock
As the Crow Flies by Jeffrey Archer
A Test of Wills by Charles Todd
A Spectacle of Corruption by David Liss

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCHAIhnrfTY&feature     http://www.amazon.com/John-Campbell/e/B007BN6QN4/r

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my books

A Lark Ascending

John B. Campbell

A boy in London's Limehouse witnesses a crime and is caught out, but that proves to be the least of his troubles.

Amid the squalor of London's East End in the aftermath of the First World War a boy embarks on his rites of passage. With his father damaged by shell shock and his mother a victim of the recent epidemic, Malcolm struggles to survive life on the mean streets and finds more adventure than he bargains for.

After one of Malcolm's more colorful mentors is murdered, he is approached by the victim's niece to help unmask the killer. He is drawn to Katja but her association with volatile characters causes him doubt and conflict.

An eccentric aunt convolutes his life even more with her bohemian ways and her involvement in the political intrigue and conspiracies that are rife in London.

International issues come to bear on the murders at hand. What chance has a thirteen-year-old against the power of the megalomaniac who emerges from the shadows to threaten Great Britain's foreign relations? In the den of iniquity that is Limehouse, London's Chinatown, can a boy his age bear the weight of such responsibility?


A Walk to Paradise Garden

John B Campbell

An epic love. A horrendous tragedy. Mental derailment. And a special-needs boy who shows the way home.

From the battlefields of Belgium, while utter madness reins, an extraordinary compassion rises above the quagmire.
Walk to Paradise Garden is a story about humanitarian triumph, a story that begins when a medical corpsman meets a volunteer nurse.
More than romance is born amid the blood-drenched chaos in 1915; the ensuing journey of John and Evelyne Armitage courses through twentieth-century eras, rich with purpose and drama.
From its start in the fields of Flanders, we are then guided through dark Parisian alleyways. There, echoes of Imperial Russian glory join with the whispered strategies of Royalists. Next, to London, where street urchins are rescued from rookeries, and where plans are made to snatch Europe’s Jewish children from Hitler’s grasp. Meetings in Chicago’s smoky nightclubs result in the building of schools in sunny Madagascar. All of this occurs under the Armitage family’s philanthropic oversight until horrific tragedy strikes at home. It is the voice of a special needs boy that directs John and Evelyne along the path to recovery, to complete their journey, one that yields an enduring legacy.



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Iva P. wrote 8 days ago

Thank you, you are a darling!

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Cheers for the backing, really appreciate it. All the best, Dar....

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Hi Nigel. Sorry haven't got back earlier but at the moment I only vis....

Iva P. wrote 11 days ago

Hello, there! How are you? I 've been stuck in the 30's for months no....

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I wrote 83 days ago
I wrote 110 days ago

I am eager to get this book in print. Wishing you all the best! John view book

I wrote 114 days ago

I don't wish to discourage your use of descriptive prose and the lovely tone you set at the beginning, for it reveals a talent that I hope you continue to hone. Nonetheless, I feel that this opening needs some trimming, some cutting back. I noticed, in my case, when I got one of my manuscripts back... view book

I wrote 166 days ago

I've commented on this fine work previously, but I just noticed Billie Storm's reaction and wanted to echo her sentiments. I think it takes brilliance to accomplish the 'slightly detached' view of life in narrative. I recall the opening scenes of Fortress for One vividly still. Please keep us posted... view book

I wrote 212 days ago

So compelling. Six stars! Best, J view book

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