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These past years I question who I am but first and foremost I'm a writer, origami artist and a reader. My writing style revolves around some kind of elegance and subtle hints here and there. The genre that appeals to me the most is romance and if there's action in there, that usually settles things for me.

favourite books

Eragon (Inheritance Cycle)
Harry Potter
Pride and Prejudice
Black Dagger Brotherhood
Series of Unfortunate Events

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Under the Light

Brian Van

An endless night filled with the horrors of a harsh reality yet a deep romance is born…

An assassin that stalks the darkness, untouched by the warmth of a sun.

Xiang has lived the cold and lonely life of an assassin. After a faithful night, his life spirals into a direction he never dreamed of before. Especially finding someone who can connect to him and show him the light he's never known.

A musician that lives in the light, untainted by the cold illumination of the moon.

Mei has lived a musical life many would call perfect. But to her, no life can be complete that way. After a dangerous night in the city, Mei’s normal world is shattered, breaking the illusion she once knew and opening her mind to something beyond what she’s known. But that night alone brought her someone who resonates with her soul.


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