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I am a recent college graduate from the University of Mary Washington. Over the past 3 or 4 years, I have written 5 novel-length works of fiction and I am now pursuing publication. Word play, use of multiple languages and surreal elements are major building blocks of my stories. I can only assume that I pull the surreal from my experiences having a brain tumor eight years ago.

I'm still looking for a literary agent.

I happily return all reads!

Be sure to read Neville Kent's "The Secrets of the Forest" books (there are 2 posted in the series). Neville's a good guy who has written some great books that deserve a look!

Also check out:
"My Road to Redemption" by Denise Rachat
"Memories of Glory" by Elizabeth Wolfe
"Silence of the Angels" by Noorham Sami

- they're good reads

I know I owe some reads - send me a message if I owe you a read and I will take care of it.

And to any agents or publishers who might want to contact me, my personal e-mail is ikraft@mail.umw.edu

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www.johnoforigin.com     http://www.youtube.com/user/Johnoforigin?feature=m

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The Freel of Streel

Ian Kraft

John winds up in the backwards, illogical land of Streel through which he must journey to battle the Freel that rules the land.

A con man in the midst of a failed swindle is forced to sleep in one of the townsfolk's houses next to a wine cellar. He wakes up in the land of Streel, where the Freel has rule. As he journeys through Streel to fight the Freel, led by a talking prairie dog, a scribe with two left arms and an outcast fox who changes his name constantly, he is introduced to the formalized (although infrequently used) language of Streel known as Romsportalfretag. His journey continues and he must overcome losing one of his dimensions, escaping lexically picky ants, people who speak with audibly multiple punctuation, the studious, armless Mister Arveltras, and spending time on the strangely diverse streets of the town of the Gredules, all while searching for the love of a woman that he has seen in a way that feels right to him. As John continues through Streel, he goes about inventing his own language and earning his armor and a sword with which to fight the Freel all whilst trying to understand his own mind and earn the love of a woman that he meets in the strange land.


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I wrote 1431 days ago

So I'm thinking that this needs some work. First of all, there are some very odd phrasings. Things like "so they can practice their powers" just have a sort of strange-sounding ring to them and I'm not sure you couldn't have found a better way to say them. Also, there are too many shortcut phrase... view book

I wrote 1433 days ago

A very interesting first chapter! The beginning is very captivating because there are so many questions created so quickly. Well done! I will try to get back to read more later. Ian Kraft view book

I wrote 1434 days ago

Promise from the bottom of my heart that I wasn't smoking anything - these are just the peculiar thoughts that run through my head. view book

I wrote 1441 days ago

This looks very interesting! Ian Kraft view book

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This looks great! view book

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