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I was born in Manchester, I am 48yrs old and I currently live in Wilmslow,Cheshire. I work for the Environment Agency and I write in my spare time. I have just published my first novel, Past, Present, Future? on Kindle.

I have never written anything before but I have the bug now! I've got a second novel half completed and the ideas for a third in my head.

When I started writing it was just an ambition to see if I could do it. Now I would really like to be published. I've just had my very first review for Past, Present, Future and I was given 5 stars which is brilliant.

I love writing and I hope that people enjoy my work. Even if nothing comes of this then at least I've done something that I never imagined I would which is what life is all about.

When not writing I love reading (see the list of Authors I love), and listening to music. Most Saturday afternoons during the football season are spent watching my beloved Manchester City Football club. Did have a season ticket, not now, long story!

Spending time in the pub isn't time wasted though as I love people watching and looking at how people interact with each other. This is sometimes difficult though after several pints of cider!

I will upload my book shortly so that you can have a read.

favourite books

Mark Gatiss - Black Butterfly, The Vesuvius Club & the Devil in Amber.

Evelyn Waugh - Brideshead Revisited
Bram Stoker - Dracula
Mary Shelley - Frankenstein
Daphne Du Maurier - Jamaica Inn, Rebecca
Jo Nesbo - Snowman,
Jo Nesbo - The Redeemer
Iain Banks - Complicity, The Crow Road
Robert Louis Stevenson - Kidnapped
Charles Dickens - Bleak House

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my books

Past, Present, Future?

Maria Gibbons

Sex with a stranger makes barrister Julia happy. A party, friends and work ruin things. Can a letter and a text change her life?

Past – With a cheery two fingered wave to her unhappy start in life, Julia becomes a barrister. With fellow barrister Steven Partridge and clerk of court Carmella Beresford by her side, she has the life she wants, until Marcus Hunter cocks everything up. Present – After a night of sex with Lawrence Jacobs, an arrogant, sulky stranger, Julia is having fun. A party held by Julia's head of chambers Alexander McClusky, ends in an affair and a ruined friendship. Julia offers a shoulder to cry on to those involved, until one of the toughest cases she has ever dealt with changes her life imaginably. No longer wanting the role of agony aunt, Julia watches the lives of those she loves crumble around her. Future? – A letter from a woman she has never met solves one mystery; an overheard, careless conversation at her brother Jonathon’s wedding to gold digger Anna Owen, solves another. Early morning sex in a hotel room in Oxford leads to a new life in the South of France. A text message means a choice, should she stay, or should she go? Will Julia ever be a happy?


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I wrote 520 days ago

Hi there, Really enjoyed reading this. I liked Matt as a character and I particularly enjoyed your natural humour. I've been reading a book by a well known published author, getting thoroughly sick and tired of one liners that try to convince me he can write 'funny'. You don't have to try hard to... view book

I wrote 541 days ago

Hi Nina, You seriously need to get some more of this on here! I love it. For me the characters are spot on, I love the dialogue, the story flows with out any effort and I just wanted to carry on reading it. Backed and starred. Get your ass into gear and write some more!!! Kind regards Mari... view book

I wrote 559 days ago

Good morning MDWS77 As promised, I've read your book. I started last night and finished it in bed this morning....no I haven't just got up by the way!! Sci-fi isn't something I would normally read unless it is something by Iain M Banks. I'd say you've given the master a run for his money! A br... view book

I wrote 562 days ago

This is great! More please!! I think your tales would make a brilliant film, a bit like Alfie but without the male lead having much luck! You should be really proud of this, I love it! Kind regards Maria Gibbons Past, Present, Future? view book

I wrote 562 days ago

Wow. Powerful, painful and poetic writing. Very hard reading especially for someone like me who went through the mill for 21yrs. It brought a lot of stuff back that never quite stays at the back of the cupboard. I like your method of writing, the tempo/pace, and the way you get your own circumsta... view book

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