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Well, I'm just a guy, really. Only 17 years old, though, so don't judge me TOO harshly. please? Thank you.

I have a somewhat wild imagination. I like to think of it as the gremlins in my mind being given a single typewriter and watching them fight over it.

My first book is already uploaded, although I didn't exactly write it, I lived it. The Chemo Diaries, my tale through teen cancer. But you can see that for yourself, just scroll down a bit.

If I owe anyone a read, do feel free to message me a friendly nudge about it! I've probably forgotten about it, no offence meant.

Bit further...

I'm currently writing out a series of fictional tales, which will be hopefully be crafted into the Chameleon Chronicles I have vaguely planned out what will happen, and the first book (Evasion) is on Authonomy in its entirety.

Bit more further...

I am also the proud First Mate of the Black Pearl, the good ship YARG, where we review YA novels and eat M&Ms. Feel free to message me about joining, or just post on this thread: http://www.authonomy.com/forums/threads/92583/young-adult-reading-group-yarg-ii/

favourite books

I prefer to say favourite authors:

Terry Pratchett
Douglas Adams
J.K Rowling
J.R.R. Tolkien
C.S. Lewis
Garth Nix (More specifically his Keys to the Kingdom series)
Christopher Paolini
Darren Shan

No, scroll down even further...

my websites


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my books

The Chemo Diaries

Dave Crews

The true story of a teenage boy going through illness, cancer, treatment and recovery.

The story begins in a far away time, over two years ago, when the fifteen-year-old me was diagnosed with cancer and turned my world in somersaults.

This book is an account of my own personal journey, views and thoughts during that time. I've been as honest as I dare, and have tried to keep it from being too depressing by writing about a generally depressing subject in a not depressing at all way. You may even find some of it funny! Don't worry, that's intentional.

Anyone wishing to suggest anything, or any Agents/Editors, can get to me at: tarragondragon@hotmail.co.uk


Slinker: Evasion

Dave Crews

For a man to have a future, the boy must outrun his past.

But what when the past catches up with him?

Slinker remembered nothing of his past life when he escaped. Only the surreal visions of his dreams had told him he was anything else. He had escaped, and has spent the last seven years turning his back on what happened to him, and trying to find his family. But then something else happens, completely out of the blue...

A figure from that long-buried past resurfaces, and she needs his help. Others from the depths of his memory are returning, the men who tried to keep both him and her locked away. Running together, they both become targets, either for death or worse - recapture, and returning into the hands of the cold scientists. They have to rely on each other to stop their fates from taking a turn for the worse.

Can he survive in the present long enough to escape once more?

Or will his past catch up with him?

BOOK 1 of the Chameleon Chronicles: Complete first draft at ~33.5k words.



Dave Crews

Bigger cities mean a higher class of crime. Can Slinker get to the heart of the matter before they wipe him out?

After the disastrous events of the last month, Slinker has moved on to the bigger cities, tagging on to a pair of friends while he scours the city for his long-lost family.

Unfortunately for him, the resident crime lord Bartholomew Rose doesn't take kindly to people like Slinker interfering in his affairs, even non intentionally. He exerts his force, and Slinker reacts the only way he knows how, by fighting right back.

So a deadly race begins.

Can Slinker identify the head of criminal operations and bring him to justice?
Or will Rose be able to pin down the new arrival long enough to have him dealt with?

BOOK 2 of the Chameleon Chronicles: Incomplete at ~16.6k words


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I wrote 612 days ago

Review of the One-Chapter taster. I like this book. It's a good little glimpse into this sort of situation, although I can't comment on how true-to-life they are. There were a few minor mistakes here and there (One in particular was the use of "disguarded" instead of "discarded") But they didn't ... view book

I wrote 622 days ago

{Club Nanobot} This is definitely a book I would read. I like the plot, liked its execution, believed the characters and most of all want to read more. Six stars and watchlisted :) view book

I wrote 622 days ago

{Club Nanobot} This would be a challenging book to write. It's hard enough to create an alien for a human POV to interact with, but to write from an alien POV requires so much more though. And I think you've pulled it off just about. There are a few typos (The one I see is a confusion of 'ther... view book

I wrote 699 days ago

Yarg Review! I DON'T WANT TO STOP READING! Honestly, this book is I think one of the best books on Authonomy. The way the story is built up, the way the writing flows and the characters interact is as precise as anything. Six stars, and I'ma back it as well :D view book

I wrote 729 days ago

I officially love these stories. The way you've reinvented them and switched viewpoints and added new elements, but still kept the whole fairytale theme is masterful. Six stars :D view book

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