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Hello there, boys and girls. And there, you thought I was dead. Far from it, still kicking and alive. Some major life changes lately... and the biggest change of them all -- Oko has been finished. I received some flattering reviews from large agencies. Unfortunately, they don't know what to do with Oko. I will continue searching for my fortune, and other adventures.

Thanks to all of you that have supported Oko this far. It's pleasant to log in a year later and see that you haven't plummeted into oblivion in the ratings. I have now uploaded the revised version... sporting some trimming and more to the point plot for those of you wanting to read further into the story. It is here. I love you all! Thanks for your feedback and support. Please write me with inquiries, I look forward to diving back into authonomy and reviewing books again. Toodles!


Fall was a time of something incredible happening to me: I co-wrote a play and it was produced. It is an entirely different feeling altogether to see your characters and ideas come to such literal life. The acting was incredible, and I had goosebumps that had nothing to do with the autumn chill (and chilly it was). A local newspaper gave us a review, you can read it here:


That partially explains my long absence, but it's not everything -- the truth is writing Oko wore me down so much that I barely wrote a chapter in two months.
I'm back on the horse, however, and ready to finish this sucker! Things are getting more exciting... :)

As far as authonomy goes, I tend to leave honest comments, so if you're not looking for those, please be warned. I'm always out to help and share my knowledge, and also to learn things in return from this wonderful community of talented people!

I will post more chapters, as well as the polished old chapters once "Oko" is done. Thanks for being so patient and supportive, you guys really are the best readers ever.

BTW, my newest published short story is now available to buy (along with other pretty cool stories) in Leading Edge Magazine at


It's in the newest issue #62 called "Friend Inc." The name of my story is "Suume", it's in the prose section.

You can buy a print version, but many of you are not in US, so if you're really curious to read it, a PDF version is easier (not to mention cheaper, they're selling them at $2).

Don't worry if you don't, it's not self-published, so I don't get any of the profits ;) I just happen to be fond of this little story and it's kind of sad I don't have the rights to share it as I please anymore.

Wine and cheese for all you wonderful bookworms!


favourite books

Neil Gaiman - American Gods
Jacqueline Carey - Santa Olivia, Kushiel's Series
Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn Series
Maria Semenova - Wolkodav (Wolfhound)
Andrew Davidson - Gargoyle
Terry Pratchett (he's the man)
Sergei Lukyanenko - Nightwatch
Patrick Rothfuss - The Name of the Wind
Cathleen Duey - Skin Hunger

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Elena Yazykova

In dystopian Estonia, DNA failure made two types of people - those who live and those who die. Kadri is one of those who die.

The minefield-heavy plains of former Eastern Europe are known for their survivors. Kadri is not one of them. DNA failure of the new, ravaged world has marked her and those like her, as a red triangle -- people destined to die in their twenties.

Kadri is a red triangle with a remarkable memory, one that allows her to draw maps of a world that no longer exists. Surrounded by books, she lives a quiet life as she waits for her time to run out. The day she finds a man with his heart ripped from his chest, she is thrust into the world of Oko - a mysterious power that allows a select few to cross into the place between life and death. Kadri soon realizes that her death may not be as predictable as she thought, and that her fight for survival has only just begun.


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I wrote 45 days ago

Dee, this is an effortless read! Junah is engaging character, quick and clever, but nicely flawed. So good to find someone who know what they're doing. Had to make space for you on the shelf. Best of luck! view book

I wrote 63 days ago

Hi, Rachel, I read the first chapter and thought I'd give a review a try. I think you are fascinated with what sentences can do and the images they can evoke -- that's how your writing reads, image to image. I think, sometimes, you try to pack a little too much into a sentence, and it might leave a ... view book

I wrote 97 days ago

Josh, great to come back to authonomy and find another excellent book by you! you are so prolific, every writer, no matter the style or talent should do what you do. I will read more and leave any comments when I get the chance! Elena "Oko" view book

I wrote 129 days ago

Andreea, very nice work. I'm not much of a sci-fi reader, but your prose moves so well that your language draws in a reader very quickly. You mix internal thoughts of the character and his fear really well into your environment, creating an enveloping sense in your narrative. Nicely done. Elena. view book

I wrote 134 days ago

Wow. One of the best things I've read on authonomy (and pretty competitive off it, for that matter). Reads like an exceptionally high-quality fantasy, mixed with touches of literary like precise metaphors and sophisticated dialogue. Not going off my shelf for a while. Elena. (Oko) view book

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