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I am more than prepared to swap read if you wish to do so. We are here to help each other wherever we can.

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Little Angels

Trevor O Murchu

This is a work of fiction inspired by a true story and a dark comedy thriller about horrific abuse in Christian brothers industrial schools.

This follows the lives of five children from incarceration into the Christian brothers industrial reformatory schools through to their adulthood and shows the effects on their entire lives, from psychological damage to physical issues. The school in question is 'St. Conleth's Reformatory School for Boys, Daingean, Co. Offaly'. This was a particularly violent establishment reknowned for its countless stories of systematic rape and abuse of very young boys that went on unhindered for many, many decades and only in the 1990's did any of it come to light. Thereafter victims were forced into silence with meagre compensatory payments, 'settled out of court' which meant the public were still being kept in the dark about the extent of the horrific practices of violent paedophilic priests, brothers and night watchmen charged with a duty of care over many thousands of minors. The stories of torture and 'disappeared' children are synonymous with the very name of "st conleths reformatory school" and still the church and state have done their level best to bury all of the hidden practices of this vile institution into the annuls of forgotten history.


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I wrote 625 days ago

I quite enjoyed reading that, Lenny. Nice piece of work and well written, my friend. well worth the read. Cannot find fault in this and recommend the read. Trev view book

I wrote 647 days ago

This is quite an addictive story that has been very well written and definitely one that when it gets to print, will be thumbed to death and turn up with more dog collars on page ends than many, many stories I have had the chance to read over the years. A great story, a great read. Beautifully put t... view book

I wrote 655 days ago

Hi Mrs B.. I already have read and commented. view book

I wrote 657 days ago

I've read this in its entirity and was rather taken with it apart from the grammatical errors et cetera. but they are an easy fix. It's very open and honest, warts and all account and for that reason alone will make it worth the read. It's a nice and easy writing style that has no pretentences and l... view book

I wrote 659 days ago

This is a fantastic piece, bleak as the subject may actually be. There has always been a quite morbid and macaber fascination with murder and conspiracy that will doubtless lend rather a large readership to this beautifully written and well documented work. True crime always finds a niche that fict... view book

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