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Helianthus wrote 690 days ago

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Jue Shaw wrote 690 days ago

Thank you for your thoughts. I'm pleased you like the idea, that mean....

AntoniaMarlowe wrote 690 days ago

Yet another coward hiding behind anonymity.

Karamak wrote 690 days ago

Hi DSA, would you be interested in taking a look at my book? Its a li....

Casimir Greenfield wrote 693 days ago

Hi there - just extending the hand of friendship. I'm still fairly....

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I wrote 690 days ago

I'm impressed by your opening lines. You are obviously not a novice. You've good story-telling voice, one of the best on here. The text could do with pruning in certain areas but the first chapter reads well. view book

I wrote 690 days ago

From the outset this is wildly over-written. "For two days and nights" this is fine for writers with a poetic quality to their writing but you don't appear to have it. . I'll assume that hanging bodies are not like 'washing' and are not taken in at night - for two days would suffice. The main ... view book

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