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I'd like to thank the support here, greatly appreciated. I am grateful for the detailed feedback through which The Broken Shoe has improved dramatically.

I just uploaded the very first chapter - Decadence, I'd appreciate any honest comment on this chapter.

The cover was made by Bradley Wind.

I can be contacted: zhiling59@hotmail.com

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Frank McCourt Angela's Ashes
Nien Cheng's Life and Death in Shanghai
Markus Zusak' The Book Thief
Steven King's On Writing
Nick Hornby's About a Boy
Gustave Flaugert's Madam Bovary
All books of Jane Austens
All books of D.H. Lawrence

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The Broken Shoe

Zhiling Gao

A memoir of a village girl from Inner Mongolia. Chickens, lamb, pigs and Revolution...

I grew up in a commune – which was then a small village in Inner Mongolia, China. We shared scant resources, even tooth brushes – even wives were shared. Women were scarce because of the long tradition of killing girls.
In 1966 I was sent to a city school to get a good education to go to university later. Suddenly we found ourselves stamping our feet and beating up 'intellectuals' in the Cultural Revolution.

The tenth chapter reveals who the broken shoe is. Comments (both positive and negative) are welcome!


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hockgtjoa wrote 128 days ago

Dear Zhiling, Thanks for your support of Operation Kashgar. It has....

Izmir49 wrote 168 days ago

Dear Zhiling, Hi! I updated my book and added some chapters and it ....

Izmir49 wrote 170 days ago

Dear Zhiling, thank you very much for putting my book on your booksh....

Anthony Brady wrote 171 days ago

Zhiling - Hello! Thank you for your support. Your book is on my W/....

Steve Hawgood wrote 171 days ago

Many thanks for the kind words. Work and family are also my concerns ....

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I wrote 661 days ago

I read your first chapter. It feels real, funny, an eye opener, and will read the remaining three chapters. Hope no one is eaten yet (joking). Zhiling The Broken Shoe view book

I wrote 973 days ago

Duncan, Haunting Lies A fantastic story. Often when you read a book you stop here or there, with your two chapters I read with one breath. I was disapointed there was no more. Please keep writing. There is nothing for me to say about your writing. I think that means it is perfect. Starred gene... view book

I wrote 974 days ago

A valid point, but my grandmother was only one person, that's why I used singular form. I'm sure there were and there are even more Broken Shoes or Worn-out Shoes this days in China. They are openly called Er-nai - Second Mistress, they are provided with a house and a car, to say the least. Not bad ... view book

I wrote 977 days ago

LF 40 review Yuko Zen Is Somewhere Else I had read many recommendations about this book at the forum. It does not let me down, a great opening; an unique style of introducing the protagonist; the myserious of the girl, Yuko Zen; beautiful yet simple language; the personilfication of the hunger... view book

I wrote 1049 days ago

First a few paragraphs drew me in straightway. Your writing is just magnificent, beautiful story, perfect language. I love how you describe two chaotic families in such a good order. I can just see them right in front of me, it reminds me when my children were younger. I can learn the craft from you... view book

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