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Happy to share that LONDON is finished and currently in the hands of an agent back east. Haven't loaded up all the completed chapters as yet.

NOTE: - changed the title to match the name of the screenplay. Fine tuning novel. Script is out there, somewhere, looking for financing (thankfully I'm not the one doing the looking...I couldn't find money if I walked into a bank vault).

Produced scriptwriter living in Calabasas. London in Love is a work ( NOVEL) in progress. It's based on my screenplay of the same name (a stage version was produced in Los Angeles). Have re-updated first sixteen chapters.

Additionally: if anyone cares to read the screenplay version of LONDON - just ask, I'll be happy to send via email...or just like to touch base, chat...I'm an open book....as it were.

Secondly, have uploaded a work of prose, poetry, story telling, and a play wrapped up in a bundle of random thoughts, expressions, and general cluttering from my gray cells "An Ethereal Sky...."

A lot of my writing gigs are polishes, rewrites, with a forte for writing and re-writing roles for women

Personal stuff: Single dad with three grown sons. Passionate about writing, the outdoors, the arts. Been in the entertainment industry professionally for 35 years - producer, writer, photographer, some directing. Looking to escape the concrete jungle and move - somewhere, anywhere - where the trees are tall, the land is green, the waters flow, the poets sing...sigh.

favourite books

"Roughing It", by Mark Twain (all of his, really)
"The Cruise of the Snark", by Jack London (and all)
The detective series by Ross MacDonald
"A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek", by Annie Dillard
The non-fiction writings of C.S. Lewis
Sherlock Holmes mysteries
Poems and prose, too many too mention
Biographies, histories, particularly historical romances

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id     http://www.celticfilmworks.com

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my books

London in Love

James R. Goddard

The life of Jack London and his second wife, Charmian. Charmian's influence on her husband - his writings, his life, his philosophies.

Passionate, dreamer, magic maker of imaginary worlds. Jack London wrote 40 novels in 14 years. He lived in the time (and befriended) Harry Houdini, Sinclair Lewis, Sara Bernhardt, amongst other luminaries of the day. Was oyster pirate, sailor, rode the rails, prospected gold, sailed the Pacific in a 42 foot sloop.

His connection with everyone caused such devotion that when he died at the age of 40, many members from his Bohemian crowd committed suicide. They simply didn’t know what to do. Jack’s soul was unpretentious. To know him (as poet Anna Strunsky wrote) was to inspire warmth.

He believed in a philosophy of materialism, that love was an archaic idea swept away by rationalism. “Marriage should be based solely on scientific principles.” Science held all answers. Until he met Charmian Kittridge. She changed his world with reckless abandon. This caused his heart to feel something he had never felt before, dare he call it – LOVE?

He so dared.

Charmian would become his soul-mate and best-friend – and love would change his life and career forever.


An Ethereal Sky, and other Ram....

James R. Goddard

Prose, free verse, and how does one pitch a book of poetry, prose, and other ramblings of the heart and all that is OUT THERE.

I really have no clue if a book can sell as a book of one's introspective thoughts. I have been inspired by one of the writers here that, yes, it can happen. Yes, not a real pitch. Working on it.


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I wrote 143 days ago

Howdy Neville, like the way you place your own spin on the genre. Reads like an unique voice, and not one of others. On WL for now. Nice! jim view book

I wrote 143 days ago

Hi Sarah, nice work. You have a good, honest, open style. On WL for now. jim view book

I wrote 149 days ago

Hi Catherine, revisiting your work, and will be placing on my shelf again in a day or two. Hope this note finds you well. You're a wonderful writer who paints well with words. You write effortlessly, and easily draw your reader in. It's a delight to join in on your journey. jim view book

I wrote 149 days ago

Hi Karen, back on my watch list, looking forward to reading your work again. It is very fun, it is very visual. Blessings! Jim view book

I wrote 150 days ago

Hi JHF - you owned be with your synopsis. Find your writing style is fluid, moving effortlessly from one sentence to the other. Would make a terrific movie (I'm a screenwriter, I think that way). Sincerely, Jim view book

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