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The West Coast is the Best Coast.

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Shame - Salman Rushdie
Absurdistan- Gary Shteyngart
Lamb- Christpher Moore
Anything by CS Lewis

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E.R. McTaggart

Keira's got problems. They're about to get worse.

Keira's not trying to be special. She's not even trying to be normal. Keira just wants to make it through high school without killing anyone. Failing that, she's planning on escape. Between her entanglement in the mysteries that pull her deeper into the centre of her sleepy seaside town, and the stranger who's begun tracking her every move, both goals are slipping out of reach.



E.R. McTaggart

Book 2 in the Paragon series

The first chapters of a very, very rough sequel. Thoughts are appreciated - though it would be silly to read if you haven't finished Paragon.
Fuck pitches. I'm terrible at them.


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Chris Bostic wrote 2 days ago

Look at you. Very impressive. Grazie mille. When might I expect ....

TSW Sharman wrote 9 days ago

Hi Ellie, Thanks so much for backing Plus Minus, I really apprecia....

Chris Bostic wrote 15 days ago

Yo E., I just wanted to say thank you for your support of Game Cha....

vanderlove wrote 16 days ago

Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won prize money o....

TSW Sharman wrote 21 days ago

HI Ellie, Thanks for YARGing Plus Minus. The "all" thing is noted.....

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I wrote 21 days ago

YARG Plus/minus Be careful with the teen-girl dialogue. Too much "I'm all..." Is too much Try. She tells me I’m a nine, she’s so good at scoring people, she helps me with all the scores for my project. - that sentence sux We’re seriously like the last stop of civilization - unnecess... view book

I wrote 332 days ago

Pitches (because you asked): Granted, I'm not great at them, but here's a few issues with yours. 1. You're keeping too much of your content a "secret" in your pitches. You're too vague, so rather than draw people in, I'm just left wondering what this is supposed to be about. Be short-winded, ... view book

I wrote 355 days ago

Ah! you've finally reposted! Chapter 16: - a giant, nasty sore is a bit weak, descriptively - I like the scene where he leads her through the house. He's funny, and it's sweet and loving. - I don't particularly like the bit where he mentions making love to her fourteen times a day. Largely ... view book

I wrote 376 days ago

YARG: Anyway, here's how I generally review. I write up my overall thoughts first, and then give a few examples of nit-picks. So, overall. This is a great start. I like how you go dark straightaway, and I like the bleak outlook of the MC. I'm also picking up that you have huge potential as a ... view book

I wrote 378 days ago

GhostCityGirl: I should start this by saying that these days, I'm only reading books that I actually want to on this site. So that's probably important to know. Because I'm too lazy to give several paragraphs of praise, so I'll mostly focus on how I think it can be improved. And I'm no profession... view book

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