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Words can build up or tear down, be encouraged by the words I share. Whenever you can, please leave a comment or support by backing my book.

My wife and I know that the issues facing many parents can seem insurmountable at the time, what we have learned, is to just love.

We have had to deal with a troubled child. Spent many hours in police stations and counsel many parents who have faced their own child and marriage issues. Now with a completed novel, to help others through their own trials, I hope to provide further encouragement to those facing family trials.

Be encouraged by the strength of the written word.

favourite books

Miraculous movement
21 Irrefutable Laws
Beyond 2012
Plus many more.
And let's not forget the Bible

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http://markmansfield.wordpress.com     http://au.linkedin.com/pub/mark-mansfield/2a/127/a

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gingerknucklehairs wrote 334 days ago

Special freebie spam. Dear friend, my book is free on Amazon this ban....

ubulord wrote 456 days ago

Thank you for your comments on "The Prince and the Singularity - A Ci....

Brian G Chambers wrote 532 days ago

Hi Mark I’m sitting here at 198, with your help I can get further to....

Lenny Banks wrote 547 days ago

Hi Mark, dont take things too personal, it may be jealousy ;-) there ....

Lenny Banks wrote 548 days ago

Hi Mark, On 25th May 12 I uploaded my book on Authonomy to see what f....

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I wrote 586 days ago

Well done, I loved it. I can't put it down. Mark view book

I wrote 586 days ago

I loved it, well done. I can't put it down! mark view book

I wrote 603 days ago

I enjoyed what I read. I was a little confused at first by the significance of the prologue and then building the story from that point. I would not agree with all the grammatical correction comments below, but would agree with others; so might suggest being selective on what attention you give the... view book

I wrote 604 days ago

Lenny, I read Ch1-3, 10 & 14.I love the quality of your work. I can see why others struggled to fit it into a particular genre. A word of warning, if Michael Hyatt and Terry Whalin are to be believed, and the answer is they are, don't try and make up a combo genre, just because it fits across multip... view book

I wrote 655 days ago

I wonder, it says the work is complete, yet only just over 10,000 words; is this right? Maybe there is more, I hope so! view book

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