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California city dweller (born in LA) transplanted to rural
Wisconsin. Wife, mom, first-time grandmother, pastor, teacher, writer, blogger, prison chaplain's wife, singer. Interested in history, women's issues, gender issues and the church. Progressive conservative, egalitarian, evangelical, Pentecostal and Emergent...guess that makes me kind of a mutt!

If I back your work but don't comment it is only because I have nothing original to say.

favourite books

Watership Down
At Home in Mitford
Ten Lies the Church Tells Women
Why Not Women?
The Plague Dog
Equal to Serve
Heirs Together
Blue Like Jazz
Wind in the WIllows
Little Women
The Wall
White Lotus
Impossible to mention all my "favorite" books!

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Finding Little Big Foot

D. George

A woman pastor deals with her past, discrimination, a challenging congregation and single motherhood--and in so doing discovers renewed faith, hope and love.

The Rev. Dee Anna Hanson thinks she has left her rigid fundamentalist upbringing behind. What's more, she has faced a crisis of faith abd has weathered the tragic death of her husband. She is finally enjoying life raising her daughter and serving a middle-class congregation in a city she loves. Then she finds herself the pastor of a a rural congregation with more than a few characters, deals with an all-male board of deacons, learns to like venison, faces her past -- and questions all she thought she knew. Sometimes, asking the right questions can be more important than having the right answers.


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I wrote 1290 days ago

VERY intriguing story idea. That said, there are just too many grammar problems for me to back this now. There are about ten in the first three paragraphs. Mixed tenses are the most obvious, but they are only the beginning of the problems. I am not trying to be mean, but a little polishing is on... view book

I wrote 1290 days ago

When I empty a spot, I'll back your interesting story. Intriguing premise! Something I noticed right away is a needless, and often repetitive use of pronouns that slows things down. There are many examples, but I am short on time so I'll just ilustrate from your pitch. "She has everything sh... view book

I wrote 1291 days ago

I LOVE this! Best wishes! Backed. view book

I wrote 1308 days ago

Entriguing, very well written (and I don't say that very often here on Authonomy). Backed. view book

I wrote 1308 days ago

Entriguing, very well written (and I don't say that very often here on Authonomy). Backed. view book

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