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Only first nine chapters are uploaded (book complete). Book two (The Summer Wife) is nearing completion. Anyone interested in reading more, drop me a message.

Seeking representation. My email address is :

I live in Cape Town, RSA and am a photographer by trade, but I've hung up the camera to concentrate on writing for a time. For luck, I've poached my author-name Piper McDermot from the Irish Mum and Nan.

"Official" studies - Archaeology, English, and Psychology, plus a love of Celtic mythology - but I believe in self-education, so I go through phases where I immerse myself in learning about something new. My real-world bookshelf is jammed with all-sorts.
Hobbies? In the past - scuba diving, sailing, drawing, graphic design, astronomy, astrology, furniture-making and blah, blah, blah...

Currently: Surfing. In the sea, not on the net - got to feed the addiction. Growing herbs for homemade remedies... read *sits staring at her garden for hours*

NB! For readers/comments:

Constructive feedback is greatly welcomed. Heartfelt thanks to all who've commented and advised so far.

For read-swops, asker goes first. I am busy editing, so I'm distracted, but I return all reads and I usually comment in-depth. (Pitch and comment-skimming will not be reciprocated.)

Spam ...
Pitch me - but if your spam indicates you haven't read this far, I'll be happy to copy and paste my entire bio to your message box.

I shelve books I like - and shelf-shuffling makes me sweat.

favourite books

Useless at lists - obsess over them. These books and authors are just some of those that have been an inspiration, in one way or another, since I could first read.

As a child: Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumby books
Paul Gallico: The Snow Goose (had this on vinyl - retro audiobooks!)
Richard Adams: Watership Down ; Duncton Wood

Robin Hobb
Jill Patton Walsh: Knowledge of Angels
Marion Zimmer Bradley
James Michener
Annie Barrows: The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society;
JRR Tolkien
Rosemary Sutcliffe: Eagle of the Ninth
Ursula Le Guin
Jean M Auel
Frank Herbert: Dune Series
Richard Bach: the Reluctant Messiah, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the Bridge Across Forever
Robin L Graham: Dove
Jack London: Call of the Wild
Gavin Maxwell: Ring of Bright Water
T H White - The Once and Future King.
Terry Goodkind
Joy Adamson
Carlos Castaneda
Colleen McCullough
S R Donaldson: Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Jane Austen & Charlotte Bronte
Charles Dickens

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/theseventhgatebook1     http://pipermcdermot.wordpress.com/

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

The Seventh Gate

Piper E McDermot

Legend claims the Stones on the Tor snatch the unwary into the Otherworld. The truth is far more dangerous.

Elen, one-time heir to the throne of Érenn, has vanished. Her loss plunges the country into a civil war dragging on for decades - until the Stones spit out a mysterious foreigner.

Nyani’s homeland is farther from Érenn than can be measured in miles, but not far enough to escape the devastating effects of its war.
When a family secret is revealed, she has a chance to avenge her losses - if she can first save one man from the death fate has decreed for him.

Donn’s entire life has been shaped by Érenn’s conflict with the renegade druid, Athairne. Some believe it’s a fight Donn is destined to win, but forging a destiny requires making the right choices. When the Gate-Stones throw a foreigner into his path, those choices become harder to recognise.

Caught in a web of secrets and betrayal, two strangers must learn to trust one another when ambition and jealousy collide with duty and love. Their choices could destroy those they care for most, and shatter more than the bonds of trust.

For there are other, unseen forces to contend with. Forces that come from far beyond the Seventh Gate.


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I wrote 57 days ago

Adverbs have now been given a thorough weeding - it is true they were getting out of hand. Those few that remain are there because I feel they add more than they take away (and not all adverbs are evil, Mr King's Do-as-I-say-if-not-as-I-do advice not withstanding.) PoV - I 've looked at Chp1... view book

I wrote 82 days ago

No shooting - promise! That's perfect, and thanks for coming back to me :) view book

I wrote 83 days ago

I dropped in for a quick look...and I'm hooked. I'm sort of prone to gushing over work I really like, and this is so very, very good - from the precise and at times gorgeous language, to the pace, mystery and characters. Someone said 'ridicuously good' - and I second that. Granted, I'm only two c... view book

I wrote 91 days ago

Hi John, This is not my read/comment, just a note to say that you have two versions of Book 1 posted...not sure if you are aware of that? Thought I'd better let you know, as comments on your book do also assist the book's ranking, and having them split over two versions (i.e, Cass's comment is on ... view book

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WTF review - Whisperer First of all, apologies if this is a long ramble - I tend to comment as I read, and try to focus first on all that I enjoyed before getting into the nitty-gritty’s of a crit. The text reads beautifully, with some wonderful descriptive work, and you weave an almost whimsi... view book

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