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You can buy my bestsellers in paperback and different ebook formats, there are now nine of them, from my website.


Feel free to drop by.

I wish to thank all the 2503 people who took the trouble to read and back IMPEDING JUSTICE, and the 1091 people who bothered to write a comment, good or bad without your generosity Lorne and I would never have obtained our GOLD STAR.

Good luck to each and every one of you whether you are chasing that elusive GOLD STAR or not.


favourite books

Alex Cross novels by James Patterson.
Kay Scarpeta novels by Patricia Cornwell.
Martina Cole novels just for a touch of diversity.
Lynda la Plante.
And definitely anything by Karen Rose.

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Impeding Justice

Mel Comley

The Unicorn returns with clear intent ... to make life unbearable for DI Simpkins!

Over the past eight years their game of cat and mouse has been tame compared to the one they're about to embark on. This time, the Unicorn, an underworld criminal, intends on destroying his nemesis, D I Lorne Simpkins. And those surrounding her.

In the process, Lorne puts her career and marriage to the ultimate test.

After being led into a trap in which her partner is killed, Lorne suspects she has a mole on her team, this would account for the Unicorn's ability to stay one step ahead of them for so long.

Revenge fuels the investigation. As she draws ever closer, the Unicorn decides to teach her a lesson by kidnapping Charlie, her teenage daughter.

Devastated by her daughter's plight and with her marriage in tatters, Lorne turns to Pathologist Jacques Arnaud for comfort.

Her state of mind is called into question and the Chief Inspector has no option but to remove her from the case.

Lorne sets out to rescue her daughter and bring the Unicorn to justice ...


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I wrote 1300 days ago

You have a good premise here and with a little editing this could be one of those books that stand out on the site. You need to take care of your punctuation especially with regards to dialogue, you tend to miss out either a comma or full stop at the end. Also, you sometimes forget to place a com... view book

I wrote 1328 days ago

Superb writing from a man that can!! Melxx view book

I wrote 1329 days ago

Thanks Ron, for taking the trouble to read Impeding Justice a second time, I'm thrilled you thought it had improved. As to the points you have raised about the Unicorn escaping, Lorne learns he has escaped in the 2nd to last para of chapter one. And to the other point about her being withdrawn fr... view book

I wrote 1331 days ago

Nicely written, a lot of background to begin with that I think could be fed into the story later on. Just my opinion though. Good luck Melxx view book

I wrote 1338 days ago

An interesting read that certainly took me on a trip down memory lane. Excellent writing, smooth and very assured. Good luck Melxx view book

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