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Thank you so much to everyone for your support for my children's book Zainab's Ramadhan Basket. I have found a Publisher. I have had to remove it from Authonomy due to the publisher's request.
I am still writing so looking forward to your feedback on the next book.
Email: salim_shabnam@yahoo.co.uk

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Umera Ahmed Man O Salwa
Dr Maurice Bucaille The Bible Science And Quran
Marianne Keyes Watermelon
Sophie Kinsella Shopoholic
Beatrix Potter The Tale Of Peter Rabbit
Stephen King Misery
Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge

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tone099 wrote 56 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

JustinSirois wrote 115 days ago

Fayha, I thought you might be into this new novel about an app tha....

Jaclyn Aurore wrote 138 days ago

i love your profile pic btw oh and thank you very very much for yo....

SPW wrote 183 days ago

Thank you kindly. :)

A.J.Bakke wrote 183 days ago

Thanks for the backing. Congratulations on being published. :)

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I wrote 533 days ago

Really enjoying this am so happy I came a cross it proud to have it on my shelf. Your writing is beautiful. view book

I wrote 702 days ago

Highly starred this is a gem of a book and I am happy to have come across it. The writing is brilliantly paced and the dialogue is witty and engaging, ' I don't want a pony shovelling poo is not my idea of a hobby' lol. Best of luck with this On my watchlist. view book

I wrote 702 days ago

I have read chapter one and it really is an inspirational and thought provoking piece of writing. I have it on my watchlist and will leave a full comment once I have read more. In the paragraph titled "background for discovery" there is a highlighted section is that deliberate? or an error whilst u... view book

I wrote 704 days ago

Wow! that was a bit of a rollercoaster, its not my usual genre but I loved your pitch and am so happy I came across your book. I have read 3 chapters and what a great concept I love the style and pace of your writing. your characters have a lot of depth. In chapter 2 Taalin's thoughts and fears are ... view book

I wrote 704 days ago

Iam very happy to have come across this its right up my street. I love the opening lines I was engaged in the story straight away. You have some brilliantly witty dialogue and some interesting characters I also like the pace of your writing. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds for the three si... view book

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