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Pearl has been picked up by a fabulous agent, so I've taken it down from here.

If you want to keep up with what's going on with Pearl, please become a fan on my Pearl Edda Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pearl-Edda/115706391784577

Thanks! Best wishes to all of you!

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I wrote 1079 days ago

THE AWAKENING. Good read. I wasn't sure if the main character was male or female in the opening paragraphs (chapter 1 not the Prologue). If you could establish that right away, it will help the reader keep up with what's going on. Otherwise, I really liked the intrigue set up by the Prologue. He... view book

I wrote 1204 days ago

STOLEN Childhood: I read your entire story yesterday and today I thought about it often. I was drawn in first by the Norwegian background and then by the rawness of the writing. Praise God for the ending. You have a powerful story. Thank you for sharing it here. Heidi Pearl Edda view book

I wrote 1248 days ago

ON YOUR Mark, Get Set, Stop: I like this. Kylie has a great voice and I totally related with her not wanting to move away from CA. I read through chpt. 3 and will keep it on my radar to come back and read more. Well done! Heidi Pearl Edda view book

I wrote 1248 days ago

BEHIND THE HOOD: Dark, gritty, real. You are an expert storyteller. I loved getting the perspectives from each of the characters, and you did it seamlessly by giving just enough insight and moving the plot along chapter by chapter. Really, really well done! Let me know when you upload more. Dagnabit... view book

I wrote 1249 days ago

BLOOD SISTERS: Very good. Really very good. I like the slow, dreamy way Mehret reveals things. The pace is good and just enough hints are dropped to keep me intrigued and turning the virtual page. I've read through chapter 5 and will come back to read more. Well done. Heidi Pearl Edda view book

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