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Hello To Everyone:

Welcome to My Life. I feel like I am making an annoucement at the circus.

Basically my life is crazy like a circus. There are many dimensions, many people, many scenarios, many dilemmas, and all that jazz, noise, action, danger, excitement, and amazement.

I am definately pushing it to the limit right now.

What else is new? I try to step out of the box and see things from many different angles. It helps me to make my next move.

I also try to be fair.

I have met many people and have been happy for the majoirty of my life - and I have seen a fair share of horrible things.

I keep going.

Come take an adventure and view the world through my brain and see it through my eyes.

I'll see you out there.........

The Flow Must Go......

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ndaye wrote 928 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Marita A. Hansen wrote 1175 days ago

Hi, Itzdareel. Just letting you know about my book BEHIND THE HOOD. ....

Name failed moderation wrote 1178 days ago

annaweah55@yahoo.co.uk Hello, My name is anna i saw your profile ....

Michael Bethune wrote 1192 days ago

Hello, I don’t mean to be intrusive. I was wondering if you’d conside....

Daniel Delacy wrote 1234 days ago

After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many....

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I wrote 2007 days ago

Thanks Sandrine. You are the man. I have to run for an interview right now but I'll be back later to read your novel. I appreciate it very much. I never forget support and encouragement. Thank You. Really. view book

I wrote 2007 days ago

Hey Ali: Thank You for the read and thank you for your honest comments. I need help to polish this and it is people like you who will successfully help me to do that. I appreciate your feedback and your encouragement. I am going to read your book and I will watchlist if for right now. I ... view book

I wrote 2009 days ago

Wow - Good Pitch. I am going to read this. I worked with a lot of hospitals delivering medication and I always am uneasy walking into them I don't know what it is. Somehow people profit off of our health. Where is the line? I am going to read and check it out. Good Pitch - Good Pi... view book

I wrote 2044 days ago

I am going to Watch List you. It is 5:08 in the morning and I have been reading all night. I am going to check out what you have written. I will get back to you soon. view book

I wrote 2044 days ago

I am going to continue on. I like these characters. Assimilating is not the easiest of tasks. view book

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