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Writing free fiction,
That is: "free" as in freedom,
And "free" as in beer.

Reading books is nice,
But writing them is better.
Haikus are fun things.


favourite books

Ursula K Leguin:
~The Dispossessed
~The Four Ways to Forgiveness
Neil Gaiman
~The Graveyard Book

~Lord of the Rings
~Harry Potter

Other Books:
~Mists of Avalon
~Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

my websites

http://www.CheapassFiction.com     http://twitter.com/#!/CheapassFiction

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my books

Stories About Things

Aelius Blythe

Thoughts and memories and stranger things....

Stories About Things is a collection of very short stories about... things. ~~~~ Death preserved forever in drops of maple syrup – a name just out of reach – a bear’s growl – a door that leads to… nowhere, and a man who walks through it. ~~~~ These are the stories of things: some just this side of reality, some just that side of… somewhere else.


Skyland 1: Abominations

Aelius Blythe

Nine ships are a dying planet's last hope. But flying is an affront to the heavens and the Sky Reverends will not allow it.

Destroying the ships–the abominations that fly into the holy Sky–is a great honor, one Harper would gladly give his life for. The Sky Reverends instill in their followers one lesson: the Sky is sacred and flying is an affront to the Heavens. Raised by a Reverend, Harper Fields learned to obey and agree.

But he doesn't agree. Not really. And in one daring moment he chooses not to obey¬–instead, boarding the ship he was meant to destroy.


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TheFourHorsemenSeries wrote 470 days ago

Blythe, I could really use some feedback on The World at War. Please ....

Nepalwriter wrote 607 days ago

I was finally able to remove books from my shelf after complaining fo....

Nepalwriter wrote 611 days ago

You've been a wonderful supporter of Everest Whispers. I'd love to ba....

Nepalwriter wrote 624 days ago

Thank you for your support of Everest Whispers on your bookshelf. I h....

SteveSeven wrote 634 days ago

Dear Aelius, I still have your book on my watchlist and am glad to s....

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I wrote 706 days ago

Just read Snow White, what a unique presentation. I especially love this line: "The only thing you can trust is what you see in your mirror." Will be reading the rest promptly... view book

I wrote 708 days ago

First of all, thank you very much for the in-depth commentary on The Haven! Now, onto my impressions of Traveler... What I like about the beginning, what made me keep reading it was the juxtaposition of the mystical-sounding message appearing an iPad instead of ye olde yellowed parchment or we... view book

I wrote 710 days ago

You have a really nice voice. Only read the first chapter so far, but it's going on my shelf and I swear I'll come back for the rest of it soon! view book

I wrote 718 days ago

Somewhat intriguing. Different age for a protag - 13 is in between the normal choices - but different is interesting. The story's moving **fast** at this point, and fast is good, but hopefully some more about the main character will come out. Sometimes speed sacrifices characterization. I'... view book

I wrote 937 days ago

I like this. Interesting images. I didn't finish reading, so I'll come back as soon as I get a moment. Only one thing for now: the tense switches (past-present) are a little awkward. If a book's not in present tense, it feels weird to have a line all of a sudden switch to it (outside of di... view book

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