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Hi, my name is Alret, and I am totally and completely addicted to writing, like most of you, I guess.
I live in South Africa and speak Afrikaans, so, needless to say, English is my second language, but I love it!! (And no, lol, I don't have a lion as a pet. Yes, you would be surprised how many people actually think that!|)
I studied Media and Journalism and worked as a freelance writer for a while before I became a nursery school teacher. I'm gonna be honest here, I really suck at punctuation and grammar and I am hoping to meet some new friends, who would give me honest advice and critique on my new YA fantasy novel. I could really use it! So thanks in advance!
Happy reading!

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I wrote 721 days ago

I really enjoyed this!!! Please let me know when you upload some more chapters! Well done! view book

I wrote 888 days ago

At last your amazing book is on my shelve! Please don't let us wait too long for the rest! Alret view book

I wrote 896 days ago

Oh wow! For the first time in a long time I'm speechless! I loved this!! I'm always scared to start reading a book on this site because I'm afraid I'd like the book and I wouldn't get to read the end!!! And I was right! I really want to know what happens to Alice next! I was going to read only one o... view book

I wrote 897 days ago

I've read some of this just now. Wow!! It's so much better, I'm honestly very impressed! I've added your book to my WL. I'll read the rest and back you as soon as I have an open spot!! Well done doc! Alret xxxx view book

I wrote 917 days ago

I've finished all the chapters uploaded! And I loved it! You are a great writer! I've added your book to my WL, not to read if of course, but to back it when I have an open spot on my shelve! Well done! rated six stars! Alret Everlasting view book

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