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I was born in England in 1960 and live with my wife and two children in the Midlands. I work in commercial management, and write novels in my spare time.

The Authonomy site has provided an exciting opportunity to share thoughts with other writers, and I have already revised “Absence Fallacy” as a result of constructive comments I have received.

I will return all reads, and will usually comment when I decide to back someone’s work. Where I do not provide specific comment this means that I generally like what I see, but do not feel there is anything of value that I can add.

I hope you will enjoy "Absence Fallacy" if you get the chance to read it. Enormous thanks to Bradley Wind for the cover design.

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Stanley and the Women - Kingsley Amis
Three men in a Boat - Jerome K Jerome

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I wrote 1166 days ago

This is wonderfully written and intriguing in the extreme. The sequence at the beginning are beautifully crafted, each sentence pulling the reader more and more into the story. Jason's dream-induced suffering is described in searing detail. Backed with pleasure. Colin view book

I wrote 1167 days ago

Brad. Superbly written. You mix the intrigue of future lifestyle with the minutae of normal living through the thoughts of your MC and his interaction with Co. This brings your story right to life before the reader's eyes. You make it fel completely real, the true test for this genre. Backed with pl... view book

I wrote 1180 days ago

This is an engaging story, with a very interesting premise. The central theme running through is the influence of Telegraph Road. The people it effects deal with it like a person. Great dialogue and a surprisingly good pace that keeps things moving along nicely. Backed. Colin view book

I wrote 1181 days ago

Your scene setting is wonderfully vivid, and you bring realistic dialogue to your characters. With a thorough edit this could do really well on here. Watch out for unnecessary commas - your punctuation in general needs some work - and split up how you introduce your MC. Using his name so many times ... view book

I wrote 1207 days ago

Nicely written and well worth my backing. I hope to read more soon. Colin view book

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