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An Embarrassment of Riches: Gerald Hansen
Hand in the Till: Gerald Hansen
Fleeing the Jurisdiction: Gerald Hansen
Schrodinger's Caterpillar: Zane Stumpo

The Lucifer Principle: Harold Bloom
Complete Works of Shakespeare
Angela's Ashes: Frank McCourt
The Wind in the Willows: Kenneth Grahame
Cosmos: Professor Carl Sagan
A Brief History of Everything: Ken Wilber
Atlas of Human Anatomy: Frank H. Netter
Man's Search For Meaning: Frankl
Tuesdays with Morrie: Mitch Albom
What the Bleep Do we Know: Vicente et al
Lorna Doone: R.D. Blackmore
The Visionary Window: Amit Goswami Ph.D.
Future Memory: PMH Atwater

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tone099 wrote 35 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Alan Dean wrote 71 days ago

Dear Maddie. I'm using you message to (hopefully) jostle your memory....

whoster wrote 81 days ago

Yes, Andrea's review was pitifully lacking in substance. Being critic....

Jack Cerro wrote 88 days ago

I was just wondering. Did Recon get shot down? I noticed he got into ....

Painted Pony wrote 91 days ago

Thank you for what you said ... it was so affirming to see that you h....

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I wrote 426 days ago

Re: Harper Collins Wrote: Together with many other readers, I am at a loss in trying to understand why the above review is totally at odds with Authonomy's very favorable assessment of Schrodinger's Caterpillar, when it was recently selected as Wednesday's One to Watch. The disappointing revie... view book

I wrote 570 days ago

@ Tigershark: About the "throwing out" thing with divorce. What Graham Paint did is far from uncommon. I found out my ex was having an affair because it was being discussed all over an investment site on the internet. Then I did a bit of public broadcasting myself ....and defenestrated his enti... view book

I wrote 579 days ago

I was having a really bad day. I am still jet-lagged and have an ear-ache from the landing when I came home from Europe. Well, I was drinking tea and trying to get a bit more with it....when I read Colin's comment on the "I'm tired of this shit...." thread on the forum. "what it's like to be a... view book

I wrote 584 days ago

"Oh would some power the gift to give us To see ourselves as others see us It would from many a blunder free us and foolish notion. Robert Burns. Thus wrote Scotland's Robert Burns in his famous poem. It therefore doesn't surprise me that a polymath Scot wrote the brilliant "Schrod... view book

I wrote 592 days ago

There is a deliberate and unmistakably Douglas Adams vibe from Zane Stumpo's brilliant promotional video for Schrodinger's Caterpillar. I'm so pleased that I watched it before reading his manuscript. That's because it is highly entertaining and showcases his many talents; but mainly it's becau... view book

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