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I have worked as an Personal trainer for the past twenty-three years, initially starting as an aerobics instructor (still have the thong leotard and legwarmers to prove it), and qualified six years ago as a Psychotherapist when it became apparent that issues of obesity and poor body image needed more than my training skills offered. I found writing rather late in life but now I’ve started, I find I can’t stop and now spend every spare moment creating characters in my head, noting down ideas or glued to my laptop, so much so, my fitness level has actually fallen (23 years of jogging I could do with a rest).

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I wrote 638 days ago

RCG review The Food Fight I found the long paragraphs describing the women and their friendships, in ch2 very hard going, perhaps break them up with some dialogue. I was confused by the mention of the toilet brush in chapter 2 `no one ever mentioned...' this gives the impression that significant t... view book

I wrote 652 days ago

RCG Review I like the premise for your story but to get any useful feedback you need to tighten up your writing and go through with a fine tooth comb to rid your work of the frequent spelling and grammar errors. I appreciate that you probably want feedback on the plot and pace, etc, but when the re... view book

I wrote 653 days ago

RCG review Hi, I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your book. Your pace is working really well and right from the start I was hooked. I shall be reading on when I have more time later and have put it on my shelf. I was born in 69 so am roughly the same age as the characters and remember the school disc... view book

I wrote 664 days ago

I've read a lot of chiklit over the years but found your plot to be quite refreshing. I love the fact that it is set in the Midlands (coming as I do from Wolverhampton). I have given you 4 stars and put you on my shelf because your writing made me laugh out loud, which is reason enough for me to wan... view book

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