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Hope all of you "get it" and thoroughly dig it. I really enjoy connecting with the ones who do.

I am a creative writing teacher who writes numerous columns in the Pulitzer Prize winning Sun Herald News. Welcome to the Torture of me....

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Confederacy of Dunces, Running with Scissors, Zodiac, Moby Dick, Dexter series...

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Daxx Danzig

A cerebral journey down the rabbit hole of life...

What if during the psychedelic 1970’s, a somewhat “normal” guy stumbled through an open portal in time and space, allowing him unprecedented access to abnormal phenomena and unexplainable events? And what if the side affects were so disturbingly horrific, that the penance for his “state of higher consciousness” meant a sentence of severe panic, flashbacks, depression, and hypochondria from an “Alice in wonderland syndrome?”

Another fantasy novel you say? No, tragically it is the all too true memoir of one Daxx Danzig. Prepare yourself for a dark journey to the underbelly of the human psyche with a “shiny happy” conclusion. It is complete with delusions, debauchery, lycanthropic transformations, narcissism, humor, music, and numerous quirks and afflictions that eventually lead to self-redeeming salvation. The book is a study of ever-conflicting dilemmas symbolized by the evil “purple microdot” (The Protagonist) and the eventual wafer representing Christ’s body, which one receives when saved (The Antagonist). Throughout the madness is death, lurking as a constant and underlying menace at each rabbit hole I manage to fall into. Although there are no anthropomorphic creatures that sit on mushrooms smoking hookah pipes, there are many similarities drawn from the parable known as “Wonderland” (life?).


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TheFourHorsemenSeries wrote 466 days ago

Daxx, I could really use some feedback on The World at War. Please le....

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Hi Daxx, On 25th May 12 I uploaded my book on Authonomy to see what f....

ubulord wrote 578 days ago

"The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale" is a book with o....

Kathryn Ferrier wrote 611 days ago

Hi Daxx, Thank you very much for backing my book. I greatly appreci....

Abby Vandiver wrote 618 days ago

Thank you so much for backing my book. I have yours on my watchlis....

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I wrote 1706 days ago

Somehow I knew your style would be right up my alley. Congrats on the best book I've read on this site, and I only read chapter one. Can't wait to get more! You rock! view book

I wrote 1874 days ago

Dude you rock! I can actually read this and enjoy! I don't have to lie and act like this is publishable! This is excellent and on my shelf! view book

I wrote 1876 days ago

Very impressive dude! I feel a connection immediately and must read more! Shelved and enjoyed immensely! Stay in touch! view book

I wrote 1876 days ago

X laced drinks and killing in retribution! Very cool opening dude! I like the first two chapters and wish you much success! Shelved! view book

I wrote 1880 days ago

Wow! Reading of Billy and Cole took me back to my childhood. I like the narrative from a young boys perspective and the down home North Carolina homely feel. Very interesting and I will definitley read more! Added to my shelf, hope it helps you! Good luck! view book

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