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"The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is really a large matter. It's the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug." -- Mark Twain

Regarding The Existence Game, psychiatrist David Band has this to say:
"As a practicing psychiatrist with extensive experience working with Borderline individuals, I was struck by how accurately Adams portrays the main character, Alex Moser, and the development of her illness. Additionally, The Existence Game provides one of the most moving accounts - from the perspective of a child - of what experiencing childhood sexual abuse is like, and the problems that develop in relation to this severe trauma. This is not just a story of illness, but a remarkable, heartwarming story of recovery. Beautifully written and gripping from the start, Adams takes us on a ride into a hidden, taboo world that most people never know exists, and leads us out again, better human beings for the experience." - David M. Band, MD. is the Medical Director and CEO of Sterling Behavioral Health Services in Ashburn, Virginia.

A heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has offered suggestions and support. You know I appreciate it! I'm currently working on an in-depth re-write, so limited time on line here, but getting to things as I'm able.

PLEASE NOTE: The Existence Game is Fiction. My MC, Alex, and this window into her life, is based on experiences I've had, but she is not me. She's a fictitious character (and in some cases a good deal more sane and more pleasant than I've been!). Because it's written in the first person, I want to be clear, this is not a memoir. (I thought about writing a memoir, but can't remember so many things it would have mostly been blank pages! Oy!) Thanks for reading.

Bio.... I am 56, happily married, two grown children, in addition to writing, I practice Aikido. We share our home and our lives with two wonderful dogs and two equally wonderful cats. The two fish are a mystery.

Wishing everyone a wonderful publishing deal.

Happy reading and writing,

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Too many to list --
(At one point I had over 100 books listed, took them all down, it was ridiculous)
Among my all-time (possibly not spelled correctly) favorites -- J.R.R. Tolkien, Mark Twain, Barbara Kingsolver, Anne McCaffrey, Roger Zelazney, Orson Scott Card, C.S. Lewis, Kathryn Stockett, Harper Lee, Anne Fadiman, Rebecca Skloot, Sue Monk Kidd, Joanne Greenberg, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Jack London, Cynthia Rylant, many more....

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1st DRAFT post HC review of Th....

Judy Adams

After HC review, taking their suggestions and those of many Authonomites, this is the first new attempt. Any suggestions sincerely appreciated!!

HC and several Authonomy friends have suggested that The Existence Game has far too much narrative/exposition and too little dialogue and action. I'm working on rewriting, and am concerned that without MC Alex's back story being presented in the first couple of chapters, (which it's done with narrative and exposition) she won't be a particularly engaging character because readers won't really understand much about her quirkiness or dysfunctional behavior. I'm working hard to try to create an interesting, compelling character in Alex and would be very grateful for any ideas anyone has. This is the first draft rewrite of The Existence Game, posted as a separate story. Thanks very much!!


The Existence Game

J.S. Adams

Told with warmth, insight, and humor, The Existence Game portrays the life of Alex Moser, a young woman suffering from and overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder.

“...I investigated every place in my bedroom that a murderer might hide -- even, I'm not kidding, my desk drawers... then got into my closet, pulling shoes, comic books and other stuff over me, so the murderers wouldn't see me. They'd figure I was a pile of junk. But even then, the pile of junk couldn't get to sleep. I hallucinated the sound of footsteps, breathing, even threatening whispers. Roasting under the blankets, I read by flashlight until I couldn't keep my eyes open.”

Alex Moser, a self-declared nutcase, is at the end of her rope. Finding little meaning in a life governed by innumerable phobias, she finally gives suicide a shot, but… “I couldn’t even get that right!” she moans upon awakening in the hospital. The Existence Game chronicles two months in Alex’s life, detailing her path from suicide attempt to long-awaited healing. Peopled with complex, intriguing characters and situations, this is an altogether inspirational and uplifting story.


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