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I volunteer as a computer tech.
Other than that, I do as little as possible.

I corrected 2 typos in Chapter 1, 9/29/10.
I almost had an attack of nerves.

favourite books

Edna Ferber's two part autobiography.
Reginald Hill
John Harvey
Charles Todd
Elizabeth George
Cynthia Voight
Peter Temple

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"What's a short pitch?" Jane asked.
The moms explained.
Mara didn't understand this.
Not at all.

"Where are the pictures?" Jane asked.
"They're in the book," The mom said.
"Is there a story?" Mara asked.
"Yes," The mom said.
"You can read the story to us," Jane said.
"Of course," The mom said.
"We'll look at the pictures," Mara said.
"After the story, we can look at the pictures again," Jane said.
"What's the story about?" Mara asked.
"We'll have to read it and find out," The mom said.

Some of the indents didn't indent in the online version.


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I wrote 694 days ago

The pace is wonderful. I was done reading the five chapters before I knew it. You have a really good book here. view book

I wrote 827 days ago

This was a great read. I read the whole book at one sitting. Your cover is wonderful. Good luck with this and thanks for writing it. view book

I wrote 836 days ago

As a continuation of the series, this is excellent. The plot line is interesting and well told. I like this very, very, very, very much. view book

I wrote 874 days ago

What a wonderful story. It is so well written and reads like a dream. I am hoping that Lexi gets Frankie back. Lexi is not a sappy character and she is so interesting. The way she handles her business is superb. Thank you for writing this book view book

I wrote 920 days ago

John Thompson shows compassion that is rare. I read the six chapters and was absorbed right away. You tell this story without going over the top. That gives it meaning. view book

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