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Walking past a tattered fella,
pen and pad I spied.
Querying him on his scribbles,
He looked at me and cried!

“Don’t ask of me how come I here,
the story’s old indeed.
Once thought I a writer be,
until I joined, Authonomy.

Upon my entry voices came,
to ask of me a read.
Others wished to teach,
a better writer
I could be.

Lessons given,
Changes made
My words I hardly knew.
But wait
There’s more
You should know,
Of what the forums can do.

They’ll push and prod,
With good intent,
Even humor can be found.
With rules and jargon,
I loaded up,
My feet firmly on the ground.

From advice, my work set aside,
It languished there in volume.
With my newly acquired literary strides,
working hard only grew the problem.

My aspirations of grandeur gone,
falling short there over time.
Reduced to massive quivering, I.
Nothing left but this ‘haiku rhyme’.

Writers are Whores
Editors their Pimps
Readers merely Jon’s”

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Samual Clements
Jonathan Swift

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tone099 wrote 50 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

LiveinPI wrote 51 days ago

I've just added a collection of short stories... Three Pigs in NYC.......

Helianthus wrote 52 days ago

Heh well I don't know how it's doing. I never look at amazon to see t....

Helianthus wrote 52 days ago

Hehe, nothing. I just wanted to holler "Sailor!" at you :)

Helianthus wrote 52 days ago


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I wrote 565 days ago

Lenny, You are correct I do own you a crit. The problem has been that I find your style something that I have been, too many times, scolded for. The thought process, you have in your writing, is showing. Some of the the sentences are too long and confusing . It seems you are having a new thou... view book

I wrote 632 days ago

Artful wording. Got a little term tedious for me in the first several paragraphs from not being British I suppose. I have been accused of using too many descriptive terms. You make me look like a piker...Thanks.....Good stuff as usual. view book

I wrote 633 days ago

Having gotten to this read finally i am impressed and grateful for your comments on my work. Well done, I'll be back to read on. There is no doubt that you will do well in the ED...Shelved and Starred. view book

I wrote 640 days ago

Interesting start. Can't imagine how he figured out the wine type...??????????? view book

I wrote 640 days ago

Club Agatha Curiosity may kill the cat's but it will surely make for a wonderful story here. Root's and the tangles we find in them. Great start good luck. Grey view book

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