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Where is hereafter? And where
is heaven or hell? Certainly
somewhere in the universe.
And the universe is the
sumtotal of planetary system.
On heaven there are trees, rivers,flowers, fruits and most
importantly soil, water,
oxygen....the same living
environment as we have on the
The earth is a planet and belongs to the solar system.
Similarly heaven must be on a
planet that belongs to a
different solar system
somewhere in the universe.
Now, if we can manage our speed limit we can travel to
heaven alive as our astronauts
travelled to the moon!


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Hurefo Reama

In protest the old man threw his arms in disgust, became naked, and walked towards the jungle.

An attempt to slap politicians who are responsible for the poor condition of Bangladesh.Vengeance is the story of Joya who was born in no man's land. Though her father was a freedom fighter, in independent Bangladesh, she was compelled to sell her vagina but she had her vengeance...

Nuri is the victim of social discrimination but she had her vengeance too...

The old man, a freedom fighter, dies silently on the grave of unknown martyrs. His death is his vengeance?

Number '1' is the most important digit in Bokul's life but can he really win it ?

National mausoleum is anchoring them but why?
I invite you to reveal the mystery...


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kiamabab wrote 320 days ago

Hello, my name is MISS Kiama, I am a beautiful young girl with a lov....

grace4all wrote 328 days ago

my name is miss Grace, i saw your profile here and became interested,....

grace4all wrote 328 days ago

my name is miss Grace, i saw your profile here and became interested,....

grace4all wrote 328 days ago

my name is miss Grace, i saw your profile here and became interested,....

Michelle_Basson wrote 328 days ago

Thank you very much for the kind comments on Gypsy and so too for bac....

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I wrote 326 days ago

Half way through the third chapter and I lost my interest. Though it is not sensible to comment until I finish the last chapter, I would say, well, this is not for me. The characters are not well depicted. conversations are not so live. Even, sentences are not smooth and interesting. The flow a... view book

I wrote 328 days ago

People are fragile things….why? And then the advice ‘be careful’ encounters another question: why should we be careful? If people are fragile, am I not? Why the writer summarizes in such a way? Curiosity already has been aroused in the first chapter. I feel to read on. Second chapter is blank. ... view book

I wrote 329 days ago

very appealing start hooks the audience to know what the swan has to say. The setting is wonderful. well sketched characterization of Leopard and swan. Their movements, behavior, thought, talk ... everything so natural. short easy sentence with powerful ability to tell the story makes it an inter... view book

I wrote 329 days ago

Opening is interesting and intriguing. Why Lila is standing there and peering at the corner. She observes the situation and then keeps walking towards her destination. And where is she going? Why is she ignoring the low sound that she hears? The image that the opening paragraph creates is vivid. ... view book

I wrote 692 days ago

Just finished chapter one.appealing. Would be back soon for more. Keep going. view book

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