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Two NEW chapters uploaded.

Alexander De Witte had an idea one day and then sometime later he had another. His ideas tortured him for a while but eventually The Wisdom Tree and the Dormouse was born. He aspires to expand his writing portfolio within this mad swirl called 'life' and to write new books that haven't instead written him..

authonomy recommendations:

1) The Cats Who've Come to Stay: Robyn Anne Tompkins
2) Revolution I Love You: Primrose Hill
3) Dark Shadow: Karen Milner
4) Time of the Avatar: Alan Erikson
5) Storykeeper: Daniel A. Smith
6) Sneaker Wave: Jeff Butler
7) The Time Hunters: Carl Ashmore
8) ANTAGONY Volume One: John Hamler
9) The Rise and Fall of Ger Mayes: Ruby Barnes
10) The Keeper and the Rune Stone: Paige W Pendleton
11) Post Marked: Mark R. Trost
12) The Beast of Maug Maurai: Roberto Calas
13) The Other Mr Bax: Rodney Jones
14) William's Revenge: Jacqueline Christensen
15) The Sex Stone of Agassia: Richard Maitland

Grateful thanks go to Roberto Calas for his excellent cover design.

favourite books

Clive Barker: The Hellbound Heart.
Nikolai Gogol - anything of his.
M.R. James - anything of his.
Jorge Luis Borges: The Circular Ruins.
H.P. Lovecraft - anything of his.

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The Wisdom Tree and the Dormou....

Alexander De Witte

The things found unexpectedly are often the ones that procure the most stimulating voyages of serendipity.

If you enjoy the ideas behind any of The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Pilgrim's Progress, Celestine Prophecy, Tao Te Ching, Confucius or The Prophet then this book is for you! It tells of a journey involving two central characters. A man and his niece traverse various scenes within the natural world. They discover a hidden book and take it with them - a collection of themed wisdom sayings lie inside. Their essence is drawn out in correlation to the companions' journey through nature and shared experience. Subtleties await the reader's unearthing.

This is a work that is broadly reflective of eco-psychology and implicitly offers a critique and/or expansion of motifs/values latent within a variety of spiritual traditions (mainstream and alternative, historic and modern). The book has feminist as well as ecological themes, in an eclectic mix. It offers a mythology that transcends the merely mundane aspects of the journey.

The interactions raise some important questions for our times. Nevertheless, it is not a heavy read and seeks to communicate the profound through a vehicle of simplicity. It is therefore a story that can be appreciated by adults and younger people alike.


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Valerie, I can't but be reminded of Enid Blyton here. This is incredibly well written - a heart warming story that honours vulnerability and its struggle to see first the light and then fulfillment. It is clever to mix in the didactic, in terms of imparting knowledge of the natural world and the ord... view book

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Hi Dana, I'm here because of a recommendation. I very much like what I've read of The Book of Lucas. Chapter 2 "The bathroom, like the bedrooms, is miniscule". The correct spelling is minuscule. But that is the only inaccuracy that stood out!! This writing is clever. The interior monologue ... view book

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Jane, it appears that you are attempting to straddle the chasm between popular culture and academia in this work. In its analytical capacity as a work offering a coherent theory it is well suited to a more academic audience. However, it seems to me that the concept of 'story' is one of several possi... view book

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Overall, a gripping story. Your work needs some polish to make its impact optimal - not least breaking down larger paragraphs into smaller units and some sentence restructuring. You have a straight forward writing style but one that carries punch and holds tension. There is a story with a real draw ... view book

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