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I like different things. I'm a hair stylist and I play the flute.
Reading is my relaxation. I read almost anything.

I cook, enjoy the cinema, theatre and walking in the countryside.
I'm really enjoying my reading on here. Lots of good stuff.

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ndaye wrote 921 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

JohnDoe wrote 1042 days ago

Hey, sorry if I've told you the one about the Lunatic before - check ....

CMTStibbe wrote 1081 days ago

Dear Anthony I would be honored if you would take a look at Chasin....

JohnDoe wrote 1092 days ago

Hi Antony, A couple of books either of which for you to maybe lend....

zeben121 wrote 1093 days ago

Greetings to you dearest, I am Zenab by name is good to come acro....

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I wrote 1141 days ago

Hello Gordon, This was recommended to me by a mutual friend -I have to say this is a fantastic gripping read. Well done you. Good luck too. Anthony view book

I wrote 1158 days ago

This reads as a very authentic piece of writing, and the settings are very well described. There is a good lead in to the story, but I thought some of your sentences are a bit too long. Try saying them out loud to yourself and you'll see what I mean. Otherwise this is a fine piece of work and I lo... view book

I wrote 1162 days ago

Bravo'sVeil I've read your first few chapters and thought this a riveting read. It starts really well and held my interest throughout especially with the setting by the sea - very nice. This reads as a polished novel with excellent characters and descriptions, and strong dialogue. Happy to back... view book

I wrote 1165 days ago

I just love this. Beautiful setting and beautifully written too. Such a sad story that I hope ends well - I haven't read all your chapters here but liked what I did. Backed and starred Antony view book

I wrote 1195 days ago

The Qualities of Wood. This is a quality read. I admire this very much and I'm goining to keep you on my shelf until this reaches at least number 5! I've given you 6 stars as wel! Arnold view book

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