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Married with 10 Grand Children and 1 Great Granddaughter.
I'm retired now, having been an Hotelier on the 'sea-front' of a U.K. holiday resort for many years.
Hard work for both of us, but very rewarding socially.
Authonomy is a wonderful place when you get down to it. It’s much more than somewhere to showcase your book. Some great writers on here with plenty of helpful ideas…some you take up and some you don’t obviously. But it’s always best to listen to others who may see your book with a different eye, they mean well.
I will always give an honest comment regarding your own book and a backing if I think it warrants it.
Please do the same for one of my books first.
Enjoy the site!

Any royalties from the sale of The Secrets of the Forest- 'The Time Zone' will be given toward, research Into the fight against the Cancer ‘Pseudomyxoma Peritonei’.
On behalf of our Son, David Kent after losing an 8 year battle.
PUBLISHERS & AGENTS. I can be contacted at neville.kent@ntlworld.com

.'One Off, Sir!'
A gangland book containing explicit violence and prison scenes. If you're into reading crime books, then this is the book for you.
A must read!

The Secrets of the Forest - 'The Time Zone' is the first book in a series.
“Tommy, a ten-year-old-boy, walks unaided for the first time, after meeting a strange old lady, and her cat.”

The book is available as a paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. ISBN: 9781782997955
Available for download in kindle format from Amazon.

The Secrets of the Forest - 'Cosmos 501' The second book in the series has the first twelve chapters on the site.
Dangers confront, Esmeralda and Tommy, after discovering ‘Cosmos 501’ in her back garden.

favourite books

The Bible
A Prison Diary - Jeffrey Archer
The Jigsaw Man - Paul Britton
And of course - Treasure Island - Alice In Wonderland and Robinson Crusoe

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my books

One Off, Sir!

Neville Kent

Ed Riley’s done his time. Over four years behind bars.
He’s powerfully built and now knows who shopped him.
Someone won’t sleep very well tonight.

Ed Riley’s used to violence. It comes easy to him and he has the muscle to do it.
A near five- year stretch in prison, however, puts paid to his daily routine of a gangster strong-arm.
He couldn’t figure out why a post office robbery went wrong. That is until a fresh inmate attacks him with a razor, leaving Ed requiring twenty- five stitches across his face.
As the attack takes place a names mentioned. One he’ll remember throughout the remainder of his sentence...One that will haunt him as the feeling of revenge eats away at his very being.
That name was the last one ‘Big Ed’ would have thought of, and the last person he’d want to have cause to tangle with. All the same, Ed was keen to even out the score and many will be hurt in the process. That’s not a subject Ed gave much mind to. Dishing out pain was something he took for granted, even enjoyed.
Discharged from prison by a screw who befriended him, Ed Riley makes his way into the outside world again, with the promise of a favor to the officer.
Someone won’t sleep very well tonight...Big Ed’s out!


The Secrets Of The Forest - 'C....

Neville Kent

Dangers confront Esmeralda and young Tommy, after discovering ‘Cosmos 501’ in the garden.
*Second book in the series* ‘The Secrets Of The Forest' .

Twelve- year- old- Tommy, continues to learn more as he delves into Esmeralda’s mysterious and wonderful ‘Red Book.’ A strange door appears after the ground collapses in Esmeralda’s garden, leading to Cosmos 501 and first contact with the crackling voice.
They re- visit The Keeper of the Forest asking for any help he can give regarding Cosmos 501.
Mr. Keeper explains the setting up of the ‘Time Zone’ by past visitor’s to Earth. The trio gain access to the ‘All seeing eye’ and learn of the powerful force behind it all.
Contact with a higher life form? Yes, it’s all possible on this visit.
Esmeralda, Tommy, and Saber the cat, travel once again on the underground network system but for different reasons than they had before.
Tommy’s second visit to see Mr. Keeper is fraught with danger. They seek answers to serious questions about the very nature of the ‘Time Zone’.

'Cosmos 501 is complete. Only the first 12 Chapters have been uploaded for viewing.


The Secrets of the Forest - 'T....

Neville Kent

A Ten-year-old boy, crippled since birth, is cured after meeting a strange old lady and her cat.
‘However—there is a price to pay’.
ISBN: 9781782997955

Ten-year-old Tommy, unable to walk without supports since birth, lives with his gran on the edge of a large forest.
His life changes after coming across the cottage of an old lady living on the far side. Her companion, a big, black cat.
Shunned by the locals as a witch, she creates a potion that enables Tommy to walk.
However, there is a price to pay.

They are soon on a journey of discovery deep within the forest.
The cat is able to change its usual form as they enter a ‘Time Zone’ on their way to meet the Keeper of the Forest.
Tommy learns how time is twenty times slower within the zone.

Awe- inspiring surprises abound as they traverse a trail unknown to normal people.
A meal with Mr Keeper in a magnificent dining room awaits them after they navigate a perilous waterfall and enter a secret door.

The trio travel on an 'Underground System’ to assist in a rescue mission.
They visit the weird ‘Statue Room’ with its own tale to tell.
Tommy takes an unusual gift back for his gran, but will she agree to him visiting again to learn more of—‘The Secrets of the Forest’?


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doing ok with little or no publicity!

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The Notorious Expat Wives Kirk Haggerty / Lilian Kendrick This is certainly a well written book, with good dialogue and description throughout. I like the start with the kids doing their thing in a place where they shouldn’t be, all very fit. It gives youthfulness to the story straight away ... view book

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Best Kept Secrets By Lisa Valentine. A great start to the book, I thought. It has mystery and suspense and a natural feeling of being in that early time period whilst reading. I must say that I didn’t suspect Alexandru Popa to be anything more than a scoundrel at this stage, beset by the physica... view book

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Daughter of Light (A Light onto the World) Price Girls They say that three minds are better than one…well I can believe that having read the first couple of chapters, the book makes for a very good read already. I could feel the heat of the day as we drove along, everyone sweating profusely a... view book

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Wolf Heart Aliya McReynolds I was taken in by the first chapter; your description of Andrea gradually losing consciousness in the water is very vivid. Then we have the cabin scene with Luka and his mother, Edith, both trying to bring comfort and care to a near lost one. Andrea is fascinated ... view book

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The Third Eye Morven James A very colorful story from the very start with the mystery of the attic staircase hidden behind the wall curtain. The voice is another thing altogether with its compelling need to do its bidding and carry out its instructions. It comes across as not being scary in a... view book

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