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Benjamin L. Reynolds is an Ordained minister and Senior Pastor a The Gospel of Christ Church International in Toronto, Canada where he teaches a great deal about the relevance of Bible Prophecy. He also currently serves as Foreign Missions Secretary for the Metropolitan Apostolic Fellowship organization and ministers at churches in the United States, Canada and the Philippines. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Society from Michigan State University while also serving as Vice President and later President of the Soldiers of Revival campus Ministry. He has a Masters of Christian Studies degree from Master's International School of Divinity.

Benjamin Reynolds other works include Seven Years Until Eternity: the Rise of the Antichrist, The Ten Greatest Prayers of the Bible, 40 Days of Faith, Living in the New Millennium and Beyond and When the Trumpet Sounds: Examining the Resurrection of the Church.

I am willing to exchange book reviews.

favourite books

The Art of War
Outliers: The Story of Success
Left Behind Series
The Bible
Why Revival Taries
The Autobiography of Malcom X
The Ministry of Helps

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my books

Changes in Time

Benjamin L. Reynolds

To save a man's soul, he is sent back in time to witness day Jesus dies through another person's body.

Chris Jenkins has lived most of his life as a nominal Christian. During lunch, an unusual visitor hints this may be his last day and to immediately change his life. Chris chooses to ignore the warning and minutes later, dies of a heart attack. Condemned and soon to meet his eternal fate, Chris manages to plead for one more opportunity to live and make things right. To teach Chris a lesson, the angelic visitor sends Chris back in time to witness the day Jesus dies through the body of another person. Will seeing things from another perspective change Chris or has his fate been sealed?


Sons of God Daughters of Men

Benjamin L . Reynolds

The story of Semyaza, the angel who forever changed heaven by his departure and gave rise to gods and kings with his arrival on earth.

Sons of God Daughters of Men tells a cautionary tale of love and lust, power and passion as it explores the implications of choices made by angels and men. The story begins with Semyaza and the Watchers, Guardian angels assigned to watch and protect mankind. These angels later choose to leave heaven and marry human wives. The half-angel, half-human offspring become the giant Nephilim who, along with their fathers, are hailed as ancient mythological gods and embark on bringing peace and civilization to mankind.

As time passes, many of the Watchers and their children begin to subjugate and devour humanity in order to satisfy their massive appetites of lust, power and greed. Conflict ensues as the more noble Watchers and Nephilim unite to fight on behalf of mankind. The war gives rise to heroes, demigods, mythological creatures and threatens to devour the entire world as both groups vie for the right to reign over humanity.


When the Trumpet Sounds: Exami....

Benjamin Reynolds

Have you prepared for the rapture of the Church and are you aware of the signs that will take place before it happens?

Have you prepared for the rapture of the Church and are you aware of the signs that will take place before it happens? The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (the rapture) is supposed to be one of the most anticipated events of Christianity and you need to be sure that you are ready. While no one knows when the exact time of the rapture will be, the Bible does provide us the events that will lead up to it so that we can be prepared. Jesus and the prophets provided us with the events leading the rapture so that we would be well aware of the season surround his second coming.

This book examines the definition of the resurrection, the signs of the rapture and the relationship between the Tribulation Period and the rapture. It also examines the “Resurrection Parables” and looks at the current state of the Christian church. The purpose of this book is to motivate us to be prepared for the resurrection and ignite the same passion it did the Apostle Paul who stated, “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection.” (Philippians 3:10)
God Bless and see you in the air!


Living in the New Millennium a....

Benjamin Reynolds

Have you ever wondered what life will be like after the rapture, Armageddon, and the Day of Judgment? It’s time to find out.

This book answers the questions of what life will be life will be like after Jesus Christ returns to the earth, the Day of Judgment, the New Heaven and New Earth and the rewards of the saints. With over 125 referenced scriptures, we examine what will happen during the 1000 year “New Millennium” of peace, what happens on the Day of Judgment and life in New Heaven and New Earth. The mysteries of our future relationship with Jesus Christ will finally be revealed as we look at how the world will worship God in the new era, the kind of lifestyles the saints of God and the nations of the earth will have, as well as roles and rewards the saints of God and much, much more!


Seven Years Until Eternity: Th....

Benjamin Reynolds

Warfare rages across earthly and spiritual realms as the antichrist rises to control the entire world while angels and demons battle for mankind's souls.

One man is groomed from childhood to one day control the entire world. He rises to power using satanic forces, world leaders, a global currency and religion to control the entire world. Can the true believers survive and hold out until the rapture? This struggle unfolds on earth and in the spiritual realm of angels and demons with the final victory being determined at the battle of Armageddon! In Seven Years Until Eternity: The Rise of the antichrist, you will view this epic story through the eyes of church members, the angels that protect them as well as the opposing satanic forces trying to destroy them.

- The book of Revelation and bible prophecy is brought to light in a very entertaining and easy to understand format
- Over 150 referenced bible scriptures ranging from bible prophecy, angels, demons and the rapture
- See the importance of prophetic events from the perspective of humans on earth as well as the angels and demons who wage war for our souls


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