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I write fantasy. "Golde", my first story, will be uploaded later in the month.

Not interested in 'making the desk' so I really don't care whether this story is backed or not. That isn't to say I don't want it to be read and enjoyed - and backed if it so suits you. I want to know you backed it because you really connected with it on some level.

I return all reads and back books I like, though some stay longer than others if I really like them. I read anything, but am not a great fan of romance.

I don't mind spam. Be forewarned, however, that if it is riddled with spelling errors or bores the crap out of me...you've failed and may end up as part of a forum post I plan to start later on this month.

Show me something I haven't seen a bazillion times.

favourite books

I, Robot
Ender's Game
The Wheel of Time series

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Sid Lyons wrote 240 days ago

I hope a fast-paced crime novel wrapped in hard core erotica interest....

Steve Merrill wrote 249 days ago

Sincere thanks for backing Running On Empty, Mr. Trout.- Steve M.

Software wrote 250 days ago

Hello K.Trout, Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out....

andycp1999 wrote 250 days ago

I don't believe it. Someone finally backed Robots Running Wild. I don....

Yasmina wrote 287 days ago

Hi - I hope you don’t mind a cheeky request, but I was hoping you wou....

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