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Margaret & Noreen have been working on this book for a considerable time now. We feel it is quite topical at the moment, with its emphasis on eating and living in a simpler way; in tune with the seasons. We have a related blog. Some of the inspiration for this book was a very old copy of Mrs Beeton which one of us owns. Sometimes following current trends on food, ie:avoiding supermarkets/the mutton renaissance and all the talk about thrift, we feel that we have discussed all these things in our book - though when we started writing it; it was probably a bit unfashionable...life imitating art etc!

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A huge range! Noreen loves crime fiction, though also re-reads some the classics and some contemporary fiction.

Margaret also loves reading, again a range of classics and modern fiction and some biographies.

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The Homely Year

Wainwright & Priestley

The Homely Year is a book about the seasons; and living in tune with them. We give recipes and instructions for growing and making things.

Noreen and Margaret were inspired to write this book by a number of factors. Margaret, in particular, is good at making and growing things. Both believe that it is not necessary to throw money at your life to make it better. Instead it can be satisfying to take a step back and live in a simpler way; shopping in the local market and charity shops instead of huge stores. A big part of our ethos is that anybody can enhance their lives and home and have fun along the way. Both have learned a lot while doing (and living!) the book. We photographed all activities; eg: jam-making; home-made Christmas decorations; growing pots of herbs. The related blog has also gained its own momentum, with a healthy number of visitors.

Forgot to say - we got an agent for this quickly and easily. She had a few publishers really close to accepting it; but very disappointingly we always failed at the last hurdle. We have quite a lot of photographs making it expensive - and of course we are unknown - marketing departments seemed nervous at the last minute - there you are...honesty being, as they say, the best policy !


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I wrote 1565 days ago

Great descriptions, fast-moving and absorbing - it must have been, I don't normally read as much as this in one sitting! Will back and good luck with it. view book

I wrote 1565 days ago

My feedback...I'd buy it. If this doesn't get published, well, I'll be very surprised. You know the genre, your market, how to structure a crime novel. Even though your hero has the maverick persona you avoid cliches, this is really very very good & I'm happy to back it view book

I wrote 1566 days ago

I've only read the first chapter, but so far I'm really impressed. It flows very well, you have quite a distinctive voice and dialogue is used really effectively. Also despite what you say, I think you plunge the reader into the story quickly. Happy to back this view book

I wrote 1611 days ago

I think this has a charm and an honesty that is appealing, but it needs to be edited. You have hit on an interesting period in British culture. Happy to back it. view book

I wrote 1611 days ago

You do what you do very well. The writing is sharp and you sow the seeds of intrigue seamlessly. Great first chapter and happy to back view book

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