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I'm a 57 year old chemist with an MA in Literature and the History of Ideas and a love of literature, science, history and just about every other damned thing you can think about, and I'm also a complete sceptic when it comes to anything from the media, politicians, and corporations, to which we can all now add bankers. I live and work in Preston, but I hail from Musselburgh in Scotland.

favourite books

Dostoyevsky is my favourite author, Kafka probably my second favourite, with but recent books I've read and really liked are Seven Types of Ambiguity, by Eliot Perlman; Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell; The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami to name three, also going back a bit and being reminded by another here, A Scots Quair, particularly the first volume, Sunset Song is superb , Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, The House with Green Shutters by George Douglas Brown, brilliant for the harsh hard as nails father theme that is very Scottish. Oh, and House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski

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The Perilous Adventures of an ....

J. D. Barrass

The words are boring, the letters are unhappy, the punctuation marks are well pissed off, so the last full stop needs to sort things out.

There's a crisis in the language and letters are not very happy, they want better words, sentences, but all they are offered are Acronyms and Abbreviations and only capitals get those jobs.

So Stopper the full stop in the title is asked to investigate why the language is not educating , elucidating, and expanding, which is its remit.

Stopper is assisted in this quest by Zero, an italicised u, 3 commas and various other characters. As the investigation proceeds, Stopper and co find themselves sucked into the story, The story that takes them from one subconscious where the language use is a bit ropey, through the unconscious and the Scream of the Amygdala.

Then into a second subconscious where language is completely controlled in Acronym City, then onward into a second unconscious to meet the sardonic Hypothalamus, and then on to the final subconscious where the final battle for the freedom of the language is engaged.



J D Barrass

After a mini Stroke a few years ago, strange afflictions begin to attack me, is it anxiety, depression, drugs, no-one knows, including the author.

After a couple of pharmaceutically induced panic attacks post mini stroke I am bounced from anxiety to depression, to the psychotic, to the sadistic, the angry, the petulant, the pleading, screaming hordes that seem to be afflicting him.

I remember watching shadows shrink and disappear as the sun rose but I never wondered where those shadows went: Now I know.


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I wrote 119 days ago

Thanks for the comment view book

I wrote 283 days ago

Clog review of Kongball You know those African films where there are secrets hidden in a cave that is itself hidden by a waterfall that renders this cave all but invisible? Well that's what this book is like, and there is some wonderful satire hidden in this water walled cave written with a fecun... view book

I wrote 343 days ago

This isn't a clog review, in fact it isn't a review at all, just a heads up as it were. Alastair I don't love this, that's reserved for very special things, but I do like it one Hell of a lot particularly the line of puzzled humour evident in the first few chapters. I'll expand on this for CLOG. view book

I wrote 347 days ago

It is not Dostoyevsky though not by any stretch, it's just something I had to write, sometimes you don't have a chioice. view book

I wrote 347 days ago

I hope you are right, re best work, but the heart is here, it just takes it's time peeping through view book

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