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Hi, I'm Harry, a London based 34 year old working in online gambling. I wrote my first book, Parabolic, when on gardening leave from my previous career in advertising 6 years ago. I now come up with marketing campaigns and such like for a gambling website. I love traveling to distant places, a decent Rioja and laughing at inane conversations.

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100 years of solitude, the diving bell & the butterfly, Diceman, Nathaniel's Nutmeg, Louis De Berniere's trilogy, Giles Milton, David Mitchell, Douglas Coupland, Brett Easton Ellis (except the last one I read), William Blake

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Harry Lang

3 months left to live, 90 grand to spend. What would you do? Follow AJ and Bench on their downward trajectory

Meet AJ - he's 26, having a blast and certifiably dead from cancer within the next few months. He's also an atheist, so his hopes for a party in the afterlife are slim to none. He's stolen the money raised by friends for his chosen charity in the hope of living a life before it all ends. This is his story.

Meet Bench - AJ's friend, cohort and the kind of irresponsible wanker parents dread. He's AJ's backup as the pair disappear around the world.

Meet Polly - AJ's ex girlfriend. To most people, he was punching well above his weight anyway.

Meet Matty - AJ's best friend. He's not that pleased with what the guys are up to, but knows that AJ needs to work out what he's going to do with his life, what's left of it.

This is Parabolic. AJ's life story in its tragic brevity. Follow his spiral into debauchery and excess as he struggles to work out how to finish his existence on his own terms.

Parabolic reminds us all how important even the tiniest things can be.


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LiveinPI wrote 30 days ago

Have you ever wondered about what happens to a human soul after death....

VChristina wrote 50 days ago

Hey Harry, I see that you have backed my book Sacrifico and I'm gu....

AliyaM.books wrote 50 days ago

Hi Harry! Thank you so much for backing Mila! It means more then you ....

K. l. Barnes wrote 50 days ago

Thank you for backing Pay Attention, Harry! It sounds like you have a....

scargirl wrote 69 days ago

thanks for taking the time to back me. enjoy your journey here.

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I wrote 162 days ago

Dear Kori, Many thanks for your review ofd Parabolic - enough to make a man blush! Was very generous of you to take the time and is much appreciated Best regards Harry view book

I wrote 166 days ago

dear Elle, I hope you're well. many thanks for your rather astute review of Parabolic. If you'd like to read the last chapter at any time just mail me and I can send it to you. Best regards and thanks again Harry view book

I wrote 196 days ago

Many thanks Sarah - I'd sort of given up on this site - the book nearly made it with HP 6 years' ago (last 2) and this was a bit of fun, but has been in the 40s for 2 years so just wrote other things instead. That said, I hope you enjoyed it and in 10 years when it makes the top 10 I'll be in touch!... view book

I wrote 329 days ago

Always keen to support a new author with talent on here - good luck! view book

I wrote 329 days ago

Always keen to support a new author with talent on here - good luck! view book

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