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Hello there;
This is my first attempt at writing anything other then school assignments,personal letters and grocery lists.
I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Upstate New York.
My passions in life are traveling (working as a travel consultant),my little family and obviously writing:)
I have been on Authonomy for a few months now and have gotten some amazing feedback and help with my work.
This led me to change my novel into the first person.
My novel is semi autobiographical and gives a good insight into marrying into a different culture, relocating and stumbling somewhat blindly through life with humor and heartbreak. My novel was finished (now still editing) and I keep releasing new chapters, hoping to keep people interested.
Publishers,Agents and Editors interested in my work please contact me at:

favourite books

Good question!!! I read many books and don't necessary have a favorite. I enjoyed:
-The Help by Kathryn Stockett
- Wish you well by David Baldacci
-Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
-House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus
-Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver
- Stieg Larson's Trilogy (Girl with the DragonTatoo)
But having that said there are many great books out there and I hope that I will have enough time to get to them all :)

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my books

Ella In Between

Elke Beck

Is love enough to overcome homesickness and displacement? Ella, a young German woman, marries an American and has to adjust to life in the USA.

Having grown up in a small German village and leading a quiet, orderly and sheltered life, Ella hasn’t the slightest idea how falling hard for a charming young American will turn her world upside down.
She enjoys married life in her familiar surroundings even though she quickly realizes she has a lot to learn about this seismic shift in her life.
It is not as simple as cooking for two, sharing the same apartment or laundering someone else’s dirty underwear. This is a marriage not just of two people but of two continents, two countries and two cultures.
Ella assimilates him into her life but the change that is inevitable comes too soon. She is being torn away from everything she ever knew and has to find her way in the “New World”. Ella fumbles and stumbles through this difficult state of affairs and tries hard to fit in far away from home. Her moods and emotions swing wildly,at times amusing or deeply concerning her ever patient husband. Will Ella ever adjust, or will she always remain in between?


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Elke, Thank for your kind words and encouragement. Have published Th....

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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 22 days ago

Elke, I hope things are going great with you. My book "The North Kor....

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Dear Elke, As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may be ple....

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I wrote 251 days ago

Well written, well thought out and highly entertaining. I read through the first few chapters and truly enjoyed the development of your main character and settings. Like the sarcastic humor and how you paint a clear picture for the reader. Great job and best of luck Elke Ella In Between view book

I wrote 285 days ago

Bethany; What a huge amount of courage it must have taken you to write and share your story. As terrifying as your illness must have been, it probably was therapeutic to be able to help others in the same situation. Your writing was very engaging and drew me in right from the start. You deserve to ... view book

I wrote 615 days ago

I really liked your entertaining story about your four-legged family members. I caught myself smirking and actually reading some passages out loud to my hubbie, since Snoopey's antics were just too funny. Not sure how I would have dealt with the puppies sensitive tummies though. I have a feeling I w... view book

I wrote 616 days ago

Shirley, Thank you so much for the backing.I'm glad you enjoyed the read. Appreciate the support. view book

I wrote 618 days ago

I read through chapter three of your story and liked the subject matter you've chosen. There are so many children and teens being shuffled around the foster system and you addressed that well in your opening. Nice job and high stars. G.ood luck to you Elke 'Ella In Between' view book

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