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Now teaching English in China, after a long career in banking in Australia, Soul Fire is my first foray into writing. As a fantasy fan growing up as a teenager, I have completed Soul Fire in my spare hours after work.

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Lord of the Rings
Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Magician Series
Shannara Trilogy

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Soul Fire

Paul Savill

A prince, a sword of legend and a mysterious power he doesn’t understand. Only he can stop the shadows; or the world will be unmade…

What are the dark powers stirring in the East? What is the hidden well of power that only sometimes heeds Dathion’s call? How can he bend Asillia’s greatest artifact to his will and unlock its might? But most importantly of all, how can he defeat a foe that’s not even a part of his world?

For a thousand years peace has reigned over the lands, but no more. Darkness is rising. Serving its cancerous will are wraiths; wolf demons; even shadowy men of unearthly power, branded by shadowy tattoos inked from the blood of a god… but above them all, stands the perfect assassin, a belligerent shadow, blacker than the pitch of midnight… and its coming for Dathion.

Dathion must discover the true nature of his power. He must unite the races to stand against a malevolent force. He must prevail against the avatar of a god, the perfect assassin. But through it all, he needs to preserve that which he treasures most: he must watch over his brother. For who else can keep his brother safe if not Dathion?


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Thanks, mate. I am doing some edits on the first chapter at the mom....

A. Wies wrote 11 hours ago

Hello, Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I completely....

Bender Rodriguez wrote 19 hours ago

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vee8 wrote 1 day ago

Sure, it's 8, 10 and 12. I just wanted to know if Finn's theories ab....

Povel wrote 1 day ago

I read LotR at about the age of 12, I think. Loved it and then read i....

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I wrote 2 days ago

A continuing WTF review, chapters 4-5. Your extra chapter review of my book reminded me to take a further look at yours! I'm glad I did, because my previous 6 star rating and watchlist attempts didn't work. That has now been rectified. More delicious writing and I've finally found something to... view book

I wrote 3 days ago

I feel that this book you're writing is on the verge of greatness. There is something deeply cerebral about it: the structure, the writing and the content. This is not an ordinary book. This reminds me of a cross between 'V for Vendetta' and the recent terrorism thrillers. It's dark, dystopian an... view book

I wrote 5 days ago

This is a WTF review. What a magnificent piece of writing! Some fantasy invests a lot of energy into creating something new and unique; a new world with unique ideas and inhabitants. You have directed your energies into something different. You have breathed life into a known world and history. T... view book

I wrote 5 days ago

WTF review. I've read through the first 2 chapters of this story. The language is beautiful and evocative. Descriptions are very detailed and imaginative. Even the concept of the main character is new and fresh. I imagine something like a cross between an angel and an elf, as per high fantasy. Ga... view book

I wrote 6 days ago

This is a WTF review. From what I've read, this looks like a modern day vampire hunter book. You introduce two main characters, who will be 'partners', their interaction reminding me of 'cop' shows, where the experienced, grumpy cop is introduced to a younger partner he doesn't want. I'm given an... view book

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