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I'm a lecturer living on Wirral and have wanted to be a writer when I grow up for rather more years than I care to recall. I got a Blue Peter badge for a cringingly badly structured story when I was nine and remember thinking that surely there must have been much better stuff than mine.
I've never much liked the idea of writing for adults because when i write sex scenes they always descend into farce. I think that people in those hazy years between childhood and adulthood are the most interesting in the world and, if you write for them you can play with walloping great ideas however you like.
When I uploaded Sim here a couple of months ago I had all sorts of stupid ideas about writing a novel in scenes not chapters, drawing on analogies of new literacies. Robust but kindly reviews have shown me the folly of my ways and the Y.A. novel here is neatly filleted into digestible chunks.

favourite books

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
The Warden by AnthonyTrollope
Archy and Mehitabel by Don Marquis
The Faber Book of Verse for Children
Nine Tailors by Dorothy L Sayers
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce
The Player's Boy by Antonia Forrest
Encyclopedia of language by David Crystal
Penguin Dictionary of Historical Slang
Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones

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Jak Brienhead

When things are terrible, you live inside your head.
Sim lives in the world inside his head. It's really special and people want it.

A flawed boy, furious with life, is imprisoned by a family and society who despise him.

Worlds come together, worlds move apart and Sim finds freedom. He doesn't know if he can escape the past or future. He doesn't know if he can change but he does know that he has to. He is hurtled into the first good place he's ever known. A world of kindness where friends teach him to be happy and shield him from the peril of his own wild brilliance. But deep within his mind Sim knows he'll always be alone - the threat- the stranger.

Worlds crash together; worlds wrench apart, but no world is safe for Sim. There's no escape from the past ,from the future nor from those who will hunt him through every reality to own him. Truth and lies, allies and enemies, right and wrong. Who can tell the difference? Sim can't .

He knows his one safe place is the world within his mind and that he will do anything- anything at all, to save it.

A 'funny, challenging, thought-provoking' book for young readers.

With extra scenes and features!


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I wrote 1855 days ago

Hi Simon, As promised, i've come back to read the Silver trumpety instead of just passing on comments. i really enjoyed the first seven chapters because you get straight into the narrative and are so evidently a consummate story-teller. This never loses pace, and constantly pushes the reader forwar... view book

I wrote 1855 days ago

i've reread the first six chapters and thoroughly enjoyed them. i very much like the interweaving of the worlds which you develop with deft skill. it's clear that you have a very vivid and visual imagination which comes through with dazzling flashes which are utterly convincing. (i particularly like... view book

I wrote 1855 days ago

Hi, the children's reviews from the World book day project have arrived. Disco Deeva wrote: i think that The Silver Trumpet is a very spooky book and it made me want to read on. The most interesting bit of The Silver Trumpet is when Penelopy is resieving and writing all of the spooky letters. i th... view book

I wrote 1855 days ago

Hi Karen, The reviews from the children involved in the World book day project have arrived. May (aged 11) wrote: I have just read the first chapter of The Shadow's Map. it seems to me that you like repeating words over again and i wondered why. The book seems to be quite forward-going and i... view book

I wrote 1855 days ago

Dai, The children's reviews have finally arrived. MnM wrote: I am writing a book review for a book called Little Mr Poonloop's Seventh holiday and this is what i think of it. It is a funny book which will make people want to by it if you sell it. i think the funniest words in the book was 'lit... view book

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