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Australian working girl who has just written her debut novel. Has been compared to Diary of a London Call Girl, The Happy Hooker and works by Nancy Friday.
Now published. Read it here while you still can.
Available via my website below.
Check out my second book. Excerpts on here. Also published and available on my website.
"Sex and Sexuality - The Interviews" and "Lucky Girl - How I Survived the Sex Industry" are now also available at;
Eagle Leather - 80 Hoddle St, Clifton Hills
Love Play - 171 Barkly St, St Kilda

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Sex and Sexuality - The Interv....

Violet Ivy

Interviews with hookers, their Johns, slaves, deviants and more.

Welcome to my interviews book. Inside you will find some ‘out of the ordinary’ friends I have met in my travels. It’s amazing how mainstream these people look when they are on the train or bus travelling to work. None of them have two heads or gills. And you would never pick their fetishes. It’s only when they choose to reveal them to another that their true nature is exposed. I meet a range of people due to my involvement in the sex industry. There is no way I can be judgemental after some of the kinky stuff I have done and enjoyed. Stones and glass houses. Live and let live is my motto as long as everything is safe, sane and consensual. Prostitutes have been judged and discriminated against since time began. I’m not about to condemn any other minority groups who aren’t hurting anyone by living their chosen lifestyles.

Please note that this book has now been published and is available at;


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Happy reading :-)


Lucky Girl - How I Survived th....

Violet Ivy

Funny, scary and bizarre stories of a globe trotting prostitute.

Please note that this book has now been published and is available at;



Barnes & Noble


Book Depository

I have put a mix of chapters on here for your enjoyment and comment. They are in no particular order.

The true rags to riches story of my continuing life as an international escort. I am one of the lucky ones. This book might give you a different insight into the industry rather than just the American TV shows where the 'hooker' is dragged through the cop shop wearing a sparkly mini dress, covered in piercings and tattoos and a fag hanging out of her mouth, sprouting profanities.

What makes me and my clients tick? Read on and see if you can work it out.
Be aware that this is non-fiction. I am a legitimate working girl and these stories are real.
This is not meant to shock but instead to inform and entertain.
I am not intending to offend so if you are moralistic or faint hearted, don't read this book!

Happy reading.
Violet Ivy xxx



Violet Ivy

Interviews with sexy Cougars and their young cubs. Real people who actively seek out this age difference.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know what a Cougar is; an older woman who is attracted to, and has intimate relations with, much younger men, the cubs. The actual age differences involved are a bit blurred depending on who you speak to. Is it true that Cougars are only into sexual conquests, not relationships? That’s a case by case scenario. The most famous introduction to this phenomenon in modern history was the groundbreaking film The Graduate. It depicts a middle-aged woman, Mrs. Robinson, who seduces a recent college graduate many years her junior. Cougared.com and dateacougar.com are a couple of the many dating sites specifically set up for this type of couple. They claim to have thousands of members. Read, enjoy, be educated, shocked, surprised. These are real life people who not only don’t see anything wrong with the age difference but actively seek it out.


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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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I wrote 482 days ago

My sister was fifteen and pregnant. My very religious parents forced her to marry the guy to avoid the shame that would be put on the family. She stayed with him for ten years and three children. There were pictures hung in some very unusual places in their home where he had gone to punch her, misse... view book

I wrote 482 days ago

WHY is no one reading and recommending this book????? The prologue reads like poetry. I loved it and read it three times. The flow of the words is just beautiful. I wish I knew more about poetry so that I could use the proper words to describe it. Your imagery is internal (what she is thinking and... view book

I wrote 482 days ago

Thsi is the type of book I looooove to read when travelling. I'm off to France next. Could you whip me up one for that holiday please? Your characters are so believable especially the men. This story is very believable too. Not to many coincidences that spoil some books for me. It seems as if the ... view book

I wrote 482 days ago

The first thing that your book made me think of was the power of just a few words such as are used in poetry versus the many owrds that make up a novel. And how carefully a poet must choose each word for rhythm, the sound it makes in one's mouth and the pace depending on the subject matter. Not jus... view book

I wrote 482 days ago

You tackle some really emotional political and moral issues here. They are not the same thing. Some writers might have been more subtle but you are strong in your words and sentence flow showing that you have definate opinions and something to say. A lot of people are going to be offended by one or... view book

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