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Old, fat, and balding; well-read and living in Cornwall (both through choice). A little time on my hands and a ticking brain.

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"The Way Through the Woods" Colin Dexter
"Seven Pillars of Wisdom" T E Lawrence
"Kim" Rudyard Kipling

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Paul Taylor

Oh no! Not another travel book starring the author - well, yes, but a laidback account of mainly European trips with his wheelchair-bound father...

Paris and Lourdes, Madrid and Barcelona, Dublin and Wales, Scotland and Scarborough, Italy and Amsterdam - fun and games of a middle-aged man and his father, struggling with a wheelchair through numerous art galleries, cafes, bars, museums, and more bars. The father - a World War Two veteran, re-converted Catholic, whisky-addicted, dyed-in-the-wool Socialist, a self-educated culture lover, and all with a terminal illness. The son - ex-Cambridge, atheistic, pretentious and pedantic, heavy smoker and drinker, and barely able to push the wheelchair. What larks indeed! An illuminating journey of discovery of a father-son relationship (perhaps, of any father-son relationship) leavened by eight examples of pedagogy, three jokes, two footnotes, twenty-one art galleries, one accident, eight countries, four cathedrals, one flat tyre, and a large number of liver-wrecking libations.


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j.l. wood-miller wrote 987 days ago

Hello Mr. Taylor, Literary fiction pushed to its limits in a stran....

stephen racket wrote 1041 days ago

Hi Paul I think you are writing a fascinating and entertaining piece....

Kim W. wrote 1043 days ago

Paul, Nice to see you on Authonomy. I could really use your hel....

j.l. wood-miller wrote 1048 days ago

Hello Mr. Taylor: A strangely comic tale of a stranger intellect: ....

paul taylor wrote 1058 days ago

Cheers Bob - of course, I'll have a look. I registered a long time ....

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I wrote 1058 days ago

Further chapters to be added when I work out how to upload them properly... view book

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