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If the world slowed down I would probably be younger than I am. If one can agree with that idea then let it be agreed that I am not young. I live in a hamlet in France, in the Dordogne, with my wife and a collection of English speaking cats who keep us informed of the mischief that lies in the surrounding forest. We had spent thirty and more years restoring antique furniture in Britain and thought it was time to leave the traffic, the politics, the dog poo and come to this idyll. But as luck would have it , we now have flies, chasseurs, and cat poo plus a patois difficulty which was never resolved at school. When June was Juin and is now jwuem, you can imagime the problems. I wrote poetry of a dark nature when I was younger, for about eight years but one can grow out of tormented thoughts and meet the real world. I'm not sure what is worse, but nonetheless I seem now to have a little more time to write what I like or rather not like about Britain. One can understand why I like living here. No traffic, but hoopoe, buzzards, kites, peregrines, nightingales, cicadas, mantisis, martens and of course, our beautiful, feral, feline friends are all here.

'Between Caligula's Toes' and 'The Boy Who Lost His Head' are both now available on Amazon Kindle)

favourite books

Voyages of Elizabethan Seamen, Hakluyt ed. Payne
Silmarilion & Unfinished Tales, Tolkein
The Vampire in Europe, Montague Sommers
The Mabinogian, trans. G & T Jones
Arthurian Romances, Chr├ętien de Troyes
Memoires of the Crusades, Villehardouin & de Joinville
Gormanghast Trilogy, Mervyn Peake

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maretha wrote 183 days ago

Dear Barry, Thank you so much for your kind words and support all the....

maretha wrote 197 days ago

Dear Barry, Thank you so much for your sustained support in getting m....

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Hello Barry, Hope you are well. Doghouse Blues is currently at 1.....

maretha wrote 229 days ago

Dear Barry, Thank you so much for your kind support thus far. I could....

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Dear Barry, Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate this ver....

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I wrote 601 days ago

Hello Jane. Thanks for referring me to 'your little problem' at the end of ch.1. Though it is an honest appraisal of your situation I think it is in the wrong place. It breaks into the text. May I suggest that you use it as a kind of Preface, add a little to it, maybe, to tell us why you are in... view book

I wrote 602 days ago

Isabel, please refer to your messages, about twelve days ago. I have a big favour to ask, Barry (Rover Rabbit)... The Boy Who Lost His Head, Thanks. BTW, What a splendid website, I really am impressed. view book

I wrote 631 days ago

Hello Isabel. I am not the most steadfast reader in the world and can get easily side-tracked but.... I could not put your story down until I finished all that you have presented us with. The first thing I noticed was that it is written in flawless English, that in itself is highly commendable, but ... view book

I wrote 632 days ago

Hello Maretha, Finally I have got around to your story. I find it charming, well written and engrossing. Obviously directed at a youthful audience. What I found interesting is that as I read it , I became aware of a South African voice and realised that this would be ideally read aloud to youngster... view book

I wrote 635 days ago

Hello Sue, to be truthful, I am not a doggy person and therefore I had a slight reluctance to get started on your book, ( one of the village dogs, here, has already killed and eaten at least three of our cats since April. ) However, once I got started, it was only lack of time that eventually made ... view book

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