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In addition to writing I enjoy gardening, cooking, hiking, cholesterol and booze, not necessarily in that order. My short stories and humorous essays have appeared in a number of commercial and literary publications. I like writing about the Caribbean, especially when it's snowing here in Vermont (October to May).

Voodoo Love Song is now available in both print and electronic format so I've removed them from Authonomy. If you'd like to take a look at them along with some of my other stuff, please visit my website shown below. Thanks to each of you who have commented and given me a whirl on your shelf.

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John Steinbeck, Mark Twain (all)

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http://richarddaybell.wordpress.com     https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/138769

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I wrote 1170 days ago

Good comfortable writing moves this along at a sprightly pace. Morgan makes a dandy protagonist; I particularly relate to his thirst. The dialogue is right on as is the sense of humor. view book

I wrote 1189 days ago

I've just been re-reading Einstein's Road Trip. I had forgotten how enjoyable it is. A wild premise with fascinating characters and crackerjack writing. I'm happy to give it another spin on my shelf. view book

I wrote 1231 days ago

Terry, I don't know how I missed you for so long, but after following your forum act with Steve and a bit of a Weighton see attitude, I took a look and found out you're a quite of a noir-do-well, channeling Hammett, Chandler and other 30's/40's favorites. Great job, busting with wit. I've put you ... view book

I wrote 1243 days ago

I saw your stories recommended in the forum, and after reading a couple can certainly see why. They're straightforward, honest and casually elegant. As a short story writer myself, my hat is off to you. Richard view book

I wrote 1326 days ago

Neomene is a fascinating character and your take on the Trojan War is refreshing. Perhaps Homer left her for you because he was hung up on Hector, Achilles, Ajax and the other "guys." Well-written and entertainingly presented. Backed, of course. view book

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