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I'm here to support my hubby Joe's new book 'A Marriage made in Chemical Heaven.'

And of course any other books that take my fancy.

For those of you who know me, I'm not able to comment much (I'm often in Munich, caring for my sick mother), but when I do, it will be in my usual Missile Girl fashion!


Madge x

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I like humour, travel, literary fiction and memoirs/biographies.

I do not like horror, fantasy, crime, or people who chew gum.

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Michael Jones wrote 30 days ago

Thanks for the support Missus. For the record I don't chew gum ... ;)....

fastlegtheory wrote 64 days ago

Thanks for backing me grunge, Madge

Fontaine wrote 72 days ago

Hi, Thanks for backing Cloud. You sound very busy so I appreciate tha....

Lara wrote 106 days ago

Thank you, Madge. Is it right time to put my review of ChemH on Amazo....

D.J.Milne wrote 140 days ago

Hi Missile Girl, Just popped by to say thank you for your support of....

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I wrote 376 days ago

For once I don't want the last hour of my life back after reading a book on here. This is outstanding work, Erin, it really is! And I don't agree with the "unrelenting misery" tag commented on earlier, what about Oliver Twist (or any other Dickens classic) or Stephen King's Carrie, they found a worl... view book

I wrote 893 days ago

"Women wear square watches so that time can hide in the corners and then they can pretend they don't know where it's gone." What a wonderful imagination you have, Patrick! I didn't know whether to laugh at that one or feel insulted! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you (my par... view book

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